Amarnath Yatra 2022: These 7 Places Will Make You Feel Closer To Shiva..!

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The world-famous Amarnath Yatra will begin on Thursday, June 30, 2022. Do you know which holy places pilgrims can visit while doing Amarnath Yatra..? Here are the 7 holy places visited by pilgrims during the Amarnath Yatra.

Amarnath Yatra, the supreme abode of Baba Bolenath, will begin on June 30. Popularly known as Baba Barfani, the history of Amarnath Dham is centuries old. According to beliefs, it is believed that Shiva told the story of immortality to mother Parvati here. It is said that if you go to Amarnath and have a darshan of Himalinga, you will get rid of sins. The journey to Amarnath is very difficult. There are six stops on this journey. These stages have their own significance and stories. These places make you feel the presence of Lord Shiva. So let’s know the interesting things about Amarnath Yatra.


It is believed that when Lord Shiva was looking for a secret place to tell his mother Parvati the story of immortality, he first left Nandi. The place where he left Nandi was called Pahalgam. Amarnath Yatra starts from here.

Chandan Bari

After this Shiva went forward and after going some distance he separated the moon from his hair. It is believed that the place where he separated the moon from himself is called Chandanbari. At this place, Lord Shiva removed sandalwood and vibhuti from his forehead along with Chandra. Every place here is considered very sacred. Devotees apply the soil here on their foreheads and start their journey.

Pissu Ghati

The next stop on this journey is Pissu Ghati. It is said that the movement of passengers becomes like a flea while reaching here. That is why it is called Pissu Ghati. Moreover, it is believed that once the gods and demons came here to see Lord Shiva. In further jealousy, the gods began to quarrel among themselves. It is called Pissu Ghati because the gods killed demons here.

Sheshnag Sarovar

After this comes Sheshnag lake. It is believed that Seshanaga resides in this lake. While travelling to Amarnath, Shiva removed a snake from his neck here. It is believed that Sheshnag gives darshan in this lake once every 24 hours. The structure of this lake is also in the shape of a snake.

Mahagunas Parvata (Ganesh Top)

After Seshanaga comes Mahagunas Parvata. The beauty of this place cannot be described in words. This giant mountain is green and brown in colour and its size is also amazing. Bholenath is said to have seated his son Ganesha here. Hence this place is also known as Mahaganesh Parvata or Ganesh Top.


After this comes the Panchatarni place. Here five rivers flow into five different streams. It is said about Panchatarni that Lord Shiva’s hair spread in five directions and these five streams symbolize his hair. Touching these rivers gives the mind an experience of supreme peace.

Cave of Baba Barfani

The three km stretch beyond this confluence is a snowy road. A walking path here also passes through a snow bridge. The Amaravati River flows below it and snow is frozen over it. Darshana of Barfani Shiv Linga There is a natural Shiv Linga of Lord Shiva inside a 20 feet long, thirty feet wide and about 15 feet high cave built in the middle of the mountain without any gates or barriers. The natural back is made of packed ice. Outside the cave, you can see raw and soft snow.


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