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Antara Gange (also known as Antharagange) is a mountain located in the Shathashrunga mountain range in the southeastern part of the Kolar district in the Indian state of Karnataka.the series of mountains that form the temple backdrop. This is a sacred spot consecrated with a temple and tank which receives water from a spring.

Behind the temple is the path that leads to the forest, the Antaragange hills are an ideal place for hiking, climbing, night navigation and other adventure activities. There are many wild monkeys in the mountains that Grab food from the people who visit this hill.


‘Antaganga’ in Kannada means ‘Ganges from the deep’. The Kashi Vishweshwara Temple is the main attraction of this place. This place is also known as Kashi or South Kashi. The mountain consists of volcanic rocks of various sizes and has naturally carved caves around it. A clear view of the entire city of Kolar can be seen from the top of this mountain.

Religious Importance

The main deity of this temple is Kashi Vishveshwara. The temple has a main Shiva lingam and an additional four or five lingas on the edge of the main Mantapa. Devotees believe that water is the sacred Ganges that falls from the head of Lord Shiva.

Devotees generally drink or bathe in this water because this sacred Antaragange water is believed to alleviate disease, even if it persists on taking medical treatments.


Antaragange Hill is associated with Lord Parashurama and Jamadagni. According to Hindu mythology, Kartaviryaarjuna was killed by Parashurama and then Jamadagni was killed by Kartaviryaarjuna’s sons and Renuka’s self-immolation took place on this hill.

Legend also says that Parashurama decided to kill the entire Kshatriya caste on this hill.

There is a pond near the Kashi Vishveshwara temple that receives water from the perennial spring, ‘Antaganga’ that comes from the mouth of a Basava (bull carved in stone). The source of the water or where it originates is still unknown.

The water that comes out of the bull’s mouth throughout the year is monsoon or summer.

How to go to Antaragange?

Antaragange Hill is located just four kilometers from the city of Kolar and 70 kilometers from Bangalore. From Bangalore you can take any KSRTC bus from the Kempe Gowda Bus Station from Kogalore to Kolar. Upon arrival in town, you can go to Antaragange on foot or by rickshaw.

You may have to climb 350–500 stairs through the main entrance, while another route has also recently been built that can help you get to the top easily. The best time to visit this occasion would be from September to November.

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