Can We Clean Pooja Room at Night?

Can We Clean Pooja Room at Night?
Can We Clean Pooja Room at Night?

If you want prosperity, fame, luck and happiness at home, do not clean Pooja room at night. By doing this, Mother Lakshmi may get upset and may cause many problems at home. Why not clean Pooja room at night? What will happen if we cleaned God’s room at night?

According to the Shastras, cleanliness is an integral part of our life. To keep a place sacred, cleanliness is necessary. That’s why we should give utmost importance to clean the sanctity of Pooja room. Cleanliness in the temple and place of worship has a special importance. Many people believe that if the temple is not clean then the deities will not settle there. In the Shastras, we can find some rules for cleaning the place of worship. According to the Shastras, the room of God should not be cleaned at night even after forgetting. There are many reasons behind this. Let’s see what they are.

Goddess Lakshmi may be upset

Goddess Lakshmi
Goddess Lakshmi

It is believed that the house or any place should not be cleaned at night. By doing so, Lakshmi gets angry and leaves. The same applies to God’s room. It is believed that if God’s room is cleaned at night, there will be a loss of money. Although you do not believe in mythological beliefs, you may have seen at least once that many temples have valuables. It used to be the same thing in the past. In the past when there was no such lighting system, the temple had to be cleaned by keeping those precious items outside while cleaning in the dark. Even if thieves steal these in such a case. For this reason too, the temple was not cleaned at night.

According to believe, God sleep after Sandhya aarti or evening aarti. God’s sleep may get disturbed if clean temple or the God’s room at night. That is why it is forbidden to clean the temple after evening. If there is anything wrong with God’s gold ornaments, it is an insult to him. This can bring about a lack of prosperity and glory.

It is forbidden to clean even if the lamp is lit

After the evening aarti, the lamp in the temple continues to glow. It is believed that it brings prosperity and wealth at home. Now in such a situation, if the temple is cleaned at night, the lamp can also be switched off. The shastras are of the opinion that this can be an obstacle to prosperity.

At night the mind and body are impure

It is believed that the mind and body are impure at night. Many a times they start cleaning the temple without wearing clean clothes. In such a situation, there will be no peace in the house due to impurity, the communication of negative energy will increase. That is why the scriptures say that the room of God should be cleaned only after taking a bath and wearing clean clothes.

Light to God in the evening

You may ask if it is right to light God’s lamp in the evening without cleaning the God’s room? You have to light a lamp to God in the evening. However, it should be lit before the sun goes down completely. Before this, you should clean the room of the deity and light a lamp before sunset.


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