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spiritual readings blog would explore certain facets of the puranas and characters from close quarters and also question certain well-ingrained conventional thinking. This is not a rebel column, but, like in the yore, here our plan is to bring out the truth, as we see it, through intense questioning. It may be correct, it may be wrong, but just give it a thought. That’s all.

What Do Dreams of Dancing Mean? According to Hinduism, a Sign of Being a Father

Have you ever dreamed of dancing? Dancing is a way to have fun. Because dance describes a feeling and has its own dream meaning. But if you see yourself dancing in a dream, it can be a dream meaning,...

Chanakya Niti: These 5 things of Acharya Chanakya are the success mantra of life

According to Chanakya Niti, to achieve success, a person needs to follow a few things in life. When a person does great work and takes care of the interests of others, he gets success. Persons who do not want to care for...

Worship Lord Shiva With These Mantras, You Will Get The Desired Life Partner

It is believed that in order to please Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva should be worshipped after getting up in the morning and bathing on Monday. It is said that on this day, worshiping the innocent God with all his heart fulfills all desires.

Never Lose These Women In Your Life According To Chanakya Niti

According to Acharya Chanakya, a man who marries such women will have his destiny unfolded. Do you know what qualities such women have? A woman who brings luck to men and family. Very important things related to life are mentioned in...

Shambhala, Mysterious City in the Underbelly of the Earth Mentioned by Buddhism and Hinduism

TIBET - Not only mother of Yājūj and Mājūj a mysterious place that Muslims believe, Buddhists and Hindus believe in Shambhala is a mysterious city hidden between the Himalayas and the Gobi Desert. Many believe that the city lies deep beneath the...

Life lessons that can be learnt from Sri Krishna

Most of you have read the ’Mahabharata’ and are aware of the importance of Krishna's role in it. Through the ’Bhagavad Gita’, everyone is aware of the conversation that took place between Sri Krishna and Arjuna in Kurukshetra. These conversations of Madhava and Partha are not confined only to war, and Geeta’s essence applies to every step of our lives.

Did Sri Krishna come from an alien civilisation?

Did Sri Krishna come from an alien civilisation? The question may sound appalling to some, foolish and silly to many. But consider the way Sri Krishna’s birth and times are described in the puranas, especially Srimad Bhagawatham. Krishna was not born to human beings. Devaki and...

A dead body should not be left alone: ​​Do you know what the Puranas say about this?

Every living being born on earth dies one day or the other. After the death, the last rites are performed according to their religion. In Hinduism, there is a custom of cremation. Also, there are different funeral rules. It is necessary to follow them. 

Know these important things related to the broom, with the blessings of Maa Lakshmi, there will be a rain of money

Vastu Tips For Broom: According to Vastu, the broom has an important role in the cleanliness of the house. It is said in the Puranas that Goddess Lakshmi lives in a broom. Therefore, many rules related to broom have been stated in...

You will not know about these 5 secrets related to Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva Puja: It is believed that in order to please Lord Shiva, one should worship Lord Shiva on Monday morning by taking a bath in the morning. Lord Shiva Puja: The day of Monday is dedicated to Lord...
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