Chanakya neeti says a person must follow these 5 things to become rich

Chanakya Neeti: Acharya Chanakya life lesson

Money plays an important role in every person’s life. It is common for this society to look down on a person without money. According to Chanakya, how can we earn money? Chanakya says do these 5 things to earn money!

Who doesn’t want the money? Everyone wants to get the money. And every person is working hard for money. Acharya Chanakya’s policy is still popular even today. His thoughts are relevant even today. Acharya Chanakya mentioned many things related to wealth in his Chanakya Niti. If you want money, never forget 5 things of Acharya Chanakya.

Earn money in the path of religion

If you want to earn or receive money, you must focus your attention on your actions. A person who cannot set his goals can never be successful or rich. Chanakya says that money should be earned in the right way. The money earned in unrighteousness is sure to go away from us today or tomorrow.


According to Chanakya, offering Dakshina from time to time in the temple brings grace of the Lord and further increase in wealth. Poverty does not come at home. Too much donation can cause harm. Always donate within your limits. A person’s money starts doubling by doing charity work within a certain limit.

Be with these people

If you want money, stay where there are prosperous traders, educated Brahmins, soldiers, rivers and doctors and all means of employment. Or Chanakya said in his policy, you should be friends with such people. If we lived where educated, virtuous people lived, our lives would be as rich as theirs.

Be focused on the future

Successful and wealthy people also focus on savings. Money should be saved for bad days, because this saving is useful only when everyone leaves you in times of poverty. So Chanakya said in his principle that you should focus your attention on saving.

Be self-respecting

It is said that self-respect is a person’s capital, which can never be bought. A person earns money, but it is very difficult to gain self-respect. It is said that lost money can be regained, but gaining self-esteem is much more difficult than earning money. Chanakya says that a man full of self-respect is richer than a man addicted to money.


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