Chanakya neeti says this quality has more power than money

Chanakya Neeti: Acharya Chanakya life lesson

According to Acharya Chanakya, every person should take this quality with money in his life. Also he can earn a lot of money as an individual. What is that special quality? If you too have this quality, share it with others today.

Acharya Chanakya is regarded as a great economist, politician and scholar. The neeti or policies of him ​​need to be adopted in life for the betterment of individuals as well as for the sake of society.

According to Chanakya, if a person has money, he can overcome even a big challenge, but along with money, what are such special qualities that every person should have?

These things in the person are not diminished even if they are shared. Do you know what Chanakya has said?


Chanakya neeti says, knowledge is the greatest hidden wealth. No matter how much you share, knowledge never ends. Chanakya compared Knowledge to Kamadhenu cow through verse. Just as the Kamdhenu cow never stops giving milk, it does not end with the sharing of knowledge. Knowledge grows through sharing. So share as much knowledge as possible, says Chanakya.

Solution to problems:

Chanakya compared the knowledge to a mother who protects her child at every stage. Because of knowledge, a person overcomes all difficulties. Chanakya said that no matter how many problems a person has in his life, he gets rid of the problems in finding solutions to those problems through his knowledge.

Knowledge is the secret wealth:

According to Chanakya, knowledge is such a secret wealth that it does not end even if it is shared. Chanakya said that knowledge is the only thing that gives results even in bad times and leads from darkness to light. The main reason why Chanakya calls knowledge a secret treasure is that the knowledge in a person does not appear all the time. Only when the time comes will it come out of that person. Chanakya therefore said that knowledge is a secret treasure.

Do not limit knowledge:

There is self-knowledge and it is not right to limit it to oneself. Sharing it with others is good for the society. Education benefits that person but improves the future of many generations. And it is said that development comes from sharing knowledge with others.

Acharya Chanakya said about knowledge in his Chanakya Niti, sharing the wealth of knowledge with others will develop that wealth and will also contribute to the welfare of the society.


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