Chanakya Neeti: these signs indicate financial crises at home

Chanakya Neeti: these signs indicate financial crises at home
Chanakya Neeti: these signs indicate financial crises at home

Acharya Chanakya’s Chanakya Niti is a set of life lessons that have stood the test of time. Chanakya was an outstanding scholar, teacher, technologist, and economist, and his teachings are still relevant and applicable today. One of the key themes of Chanakya’s teachings is the importance of being aware of the signs of potential problems in our lives, especially when it comes to financial crises. In this article, we will explore some of the indicators that Chanakya believed pointed towards an upcoming financial crisis.

Drying up of Tulsi Plant

According to Hinduism, the Tulsi plant is considered to be a sacred plant that is worshipped as a goddess in many households. Chanakya believed that if the Tulsi plant in your home begins to dry up even after adequate care, it is considered to be a sign of an impending financial crisis. However, it is important to note that sometimes the drying up of the plant may be due to factors like lack of water and cold weather.

Trouble at Home

If there are constant disturbances and conflicts in your home without any apparent reason, it could be an indication of an upcoming financial crisis. Chanakya believed that even problems like planetary dosha or Vaastu dosha may be responsible for this.

Broken Glass

Breaking glass repeatedly in your home could be an indication of an upcoming financial loss, according to Chanakya. Additionally, it could also signify poverty coming into your home.

No Worship at Home

Chanakya believed that where there is no worship, there is no happiness or prosperity. He stated that the absence of worship is a sign of economic problems to come.

Disrespecting Elders

Respecting elders is a fundamental aspect of Indian culture. Chanakya believed that disrespecting elders was a sign of an upcoming economic crisis. He stated that those who behave disrespectfully towards their elders would never find true happiness in life.


Chanakya Niti provides valuable insights into the indicators of potential financial crises. While these signs may be indicative, they are not always definitive. It is up to us to take appropriate steps to mitigate the effects of any financial crisis that may come our way. By being aware of these indicators and taking proactive steps, we can minimize the impact of financial difficulties and ensure a secure future for ourselves and our families.


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