Chanakya Niti: Acharya Chanakya Described Anger as Fire and Lust as Disease

Chanakya Neeti: Acharya Chanakya life lesson

Chanakya Niti: The important points related to life have been pointed out in Niti Shastra written by Acharya Chanakya. Along with this, he has also told through his experience that how a man can face the difficult situations of life and what kind of tasks he should do for success in his life. Along with being a skilled economist, Acharya Chanakya was also a qualified teacher, a skilled politician, and a clever diplomat. Through the Chanakya policy, he has brought attention to the end of some problems of life. Chanakya Niti says that sitting empty destroys practice and there is no other disease as painful as lust. You should also know the important things of Chanakya policy –

fools envy the wise

Chanakya Niti says that foolish people envy wise people. Similarly, a woman walking the wrong path is jealous of a holy woman.

By doing nothing, practice is destroyed.

Acharya Chanakya says that sitting empty destructs practice. Giving money to care for others wastes money. The farmer who sows incorrectly destroys his seeds. If there is no commander, the army is destroyed.

haters are safe from the practice of learning; According to the policy of Chanakya, earned knowledge is safe from practice. Similarly, the respect of the house is protected from good behaviour. A person with good qualities gets respect. The anger of any person is seen in his eyes.

There is no fire like anger,
according to Chanakya policy, no other disease is as painful as lust. Similarly, there is no other enemy of the enemy like Moh. There can be no other fire like anger.

These people are like fathers,
according to Chanakya policy, all these people are like your father, who gave birth to you, who performed your sacrificial rituals, who taught you, who gave you food, and who saved you in dreadful circumstances.

They are all like mothers,
Acharya Chanakya says that they should all treat themselves like their mother. King’s wife, Guru’s wife, friend’s wife and wife’s mother.


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