Chanakya Niti: Follow these 4 things to get more money

Chanakya Neeti: Acharya Chanakya life lesson

Every one of us at least once in our life has a desire to feel rich, to earn immense wealth. If you have this desire too, follow these 4 principles of Chanakya Niti. The Acharya Chanakya’s Niti is most popular even today. Because his Niti are still applicable in modern days. Acharya Chanakya has shared many things about wealth in his Niti. If you want money, never forget these 4 things that Acharya Chanakya says. 

Have a goal:

Strongly focus your actions to get more money. A person who cannot set his goal, he can never become victorious or rich. Someone should earn money in the right way. And always keep their focus firmly on the goal.

Limited Donation:

According to Chanakya, periodic donation in the temple will bring divine grace and increase wealth. By the grace of God, there is never poverty in the home. Although charity is a good deed, but it needs to be done within limits. Donating too much can also lead to losses. And the wealth we have begins to perish.

Must be in this place:

If you want to be rich in life or want to have enough money, you should live in a place where there are rich merchants, educated brahmins, soldiers, rivers and doctors and all avenues of employment. It is believed that being in such places increases knowledge and also increases the flow of money.


Even successful and rich people focus on saving. Always one should save money for bad days, because in times of poverty, when everyone abandons you, these savings will come in handy. Instead of wasting money, focus should be on saving it. And should try to use it only for the future.

If we adopt these 4 words of Acharya Chanakya in our life, we can enjoy a life of wealth and it will never bring us lack of money or trouble.


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