Chanakya Niti Says That Parents Should Not Discuss These 3 Matters In Front Of Children

Chanakya Neeti: Acharya Chanakya life lesson

Parents influence every event in children’s life or every behaviour they perform. As parents treat their children, so do their children. Acharya Chanakya said that parents should always remember these 3 things about their children. According to Acharya Chanakya, how parents should be with their children..? What ideas should be kept from children..?

Acharya Chanakya’s ethics may be harsh, but the truths of life lie within them. Even today, his words and policies help a lot of people in their difficult times. Chanakya has mentioned in his ethics what things elders should teach their children. Today we are going to tell you about all the things parents should teach their children according to Chanakya’s principles.

Chanakya’s policy for parents

Chanakya said in his Niti that every person should speak very thoughtfully in front of children. Because children are as tender as a young plant. As you form them, they will become in the future. Acharya Chanakya mentioned three things that parents should remember before their children.

Be respectful

According to Chanakya’s philosophy, parents let each other talk about their feelings in front of their children. Not only to each other but also while talking to others they do not think a bit about their honour and prestige. Parents should never make this mistake. Abusive speech in front of children has a direct effect on children’s minds. Parents should give some thought to respect and dignity when speaking in front of their children.

Don’t talk about this in front of children

Chanakya said that parents should not pretend or lie in front of their children. If you show up and lie in front of them or include them in your lies, then your respect will be diminished in their eyes. Then they might start lying to you too. So they should be kept away from this as much as possible.

Don’t insult anyone in front of children

In most cases, parents start fighting with each other in front of their children and start talking about others’ shortcomings. By doing this parents lose respect in the eyes of children. Because of all this, many times even children do not hesitate to insult and look bad at you. So, avoid doing so.

Develop the habit of listening to a story

According to Chanakya ethics, children should be taught the essence of great stories at an early age by great men, role models for society. It inspires children. The desire to be like them grows in children. These stories influence the future of children. So tell inspiring stories to children as much as possible.


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