Chanakya Niti says that parents should not make these mistakes in front of their children

Chanakya Neeti: Acharya Chanakya life lesson

Acharya Chanakya’s messages are always relevant. Life will go much better if we adopt their life message. Similarly, Acharya Chanakya also spoke about the mistakes that parents should not make in front of their children.

Acharya Chanakya had an in-depth knowledge of all subjects including politics, economics, sociology etc. Each and every message of Acharya Chanakya is relevant today and forever. If we follow Chanakya’s policy, life will look even more wonderful. There are wonderful life values in acharya’s message. His messages are also a guiding light for life. Similarly, Acharya Chanakya has also given some message to his parents. Here’s a look at what Acharya Chanakya said about what parents should not do wrong in front of their children.

Don’t use offensive language, speak with love

Children are equal to God. In addition, a child’s mind is like a wall of wet mud. Thus, children should be brought up with a lot of love. Children should be made to understand everything with utmost love till the age of five. Children are innocent. Children don’t make a mistake intentionally. Thus, children should be taught with equal love. Moreover, your children will learn by watching you. The first thing that needs to be done if your children want to be polite and cultured is to improve their language. For this you should also use good language in front of them. Do not use obscene words for any reason even during business in daily life. Such words should not be used in front of children. Because children adopt what adults talk about. Therefore, always speak the good in front of the children and behave in a good way.

Don’t find out each other’s mistakes and talk to each other

Acharya Chanakya says that when he turns five, the child begins to understand things to some extent. If you make a mistake at this age, you can be scolded a little bit. However, it is also important to show equal love. In addition, parents need to talk about each other’s mistakes in front of their children and take care not to highlight their grievances. This also irritates the children. In addition, they follow suit.

Treat with respect

As per Chanakya Niti, it is important for parents to be respectful, dignified and equally loving to each other. So that even children learn to be respectful of each other. They will be in the same love with the people of the house. As mentioned earlier, derogatory words or abusive words should not be used in front of children for any reason whatsoever. This may cause trouble for you in the future and children as well. Therefore, the onus of raising children to be cultured also rests with the parents.

Don’t lie

A lie is always an enemy. Similarly, Acharya Chanakya has also given this advice to the parents in his Ethics. Talking about lies, parents should never lie in front of their children. In addition, parents also need to tell their children lovingly that they should not lie for any reason. Sometimes parents lie in front of their children or lie to the child for their own selfish reasons. If you lie in front of your children, there is a danger that the little ones will also get used to it. Thus, the more careful we are when talking and dealing with children, the more important it is.


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