Chanakya says never fight with these 4 people..! Do you know why?

Chanakya Neeti: Acharya Chanakya life lesson

Chanakya said in his policy that he should never have a fight or dispute with these 4 people in his life. According to Acharya Chanakya, you know who we should not fight with 4 people..? If we fight with these 4 people, we will lose..!

Acharya Chanakya through one of his principles told humans about the way of life. Through this policy, he spoke of the harm that man does in anger. Chanakya said in his policy that he should never have a fight or dispute with these 4 people in his life.

If you dispute these four, you will always suffer losses. Who are those 4 people..?

1. Family Members:
Acharya Chanakya in his Chanakya Niti has said that we should never argue with our family members. When we face bad times or when we need any kind of help, no one but our family members comes to our aid. Chanakya says that a person can never be happy by fighting with loved ones.

2. Don’t fight with fools:
It is said that if a person is less intelligent or his mind does not work like other people, we should never quarrel with such a person. Arguing or fighting with such people will waste your time. Chanakya said that instead of fighting with such people, it is better to help them when they need it. 
3. Don’t fight with a friend:
Friends play an important role in our life. Our friends are the first people who help us when we are in trouble. That is why we should never quarrel with friends. Even if something seems bad about a friend, he should leave it there, but we should never leave our friends. Losing a friend is like losing a partner you can trust blindly.

4. Teacher:
Guru’s role is considered very important in all of our lives. Guru alone takes us from darkness to light and removes the darkness of ignorance from our minds and fills us with the light of knowledge. We should always respect Guru and never quarrel with him.

Chanakya’s statement is that if we quarrel with the above four people, we will lose. These are the ones who save us from hardship. If we fight with them, it can affect our relationship and they may not come with us in times of trouble.


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