What are the 3 qualities that a wife must have, and the 5 qualities that a husband must have..?

Chanakya Neeti: Acharya Chanakya life lesson

A person whose marital or social life is good will achieve success and progress in all his work. Chanakya says that a wife should have these 3 qualities and a husband should have these 5 qualities for any person to be successful in his worldly life. What are the 3 qualities that a wife must have, and the 5 qualities that a husband must have..?

According to Chanakya’s philosophy, it is necessary for the husband and wife to be virtuous for happiness and progress in married life. If the wife has 3 special qualities and the husband has 5 special qualities, their samsara life will be happy. So, do you know those special qualities that a husband and wife should have?

3 qualities a wife should have


According to Chanakya’s ethics, it is necessary for women to be religious. Her faith in God, nature and religion keeps the house safe. Such women can quickly and easily distinguish between good and bad. By worshipping nature comes the knowledge of balance.

Sweet words

According to Chanakya, he is fortunate his wife speaks sweetly. Wherever such women live, their relations with everyone will be good and there will be happiness at home. Everyone praises him. Therefore, a woman’s speech should be very sweet.


According to Chanakya’s ethos, a woman who knows how to save money can be a backbone to her husband or his family when they are in financial trouble. Chanakya says that when faced with a sudden money problem, that woman will deal with it easily.

5 qualities a husband should have


As the dog is satisfied with a small amount of food. Similarly, a Purusha who takes care of his family after being satisfied with a little money is called great.


A man should be loyal to his wife and family just as a dog is loyal to its owner. A man who develops a relationship with another woman means that he has ruined his life by his own hands.

Be aware of these

A husband should be aware of his duties and responsibilities just as a dog is awake even in deep sleep. At the same time, he should always be on the lookout for family enemies.

The protector

If a man has to sacrifice his life to protect his wife and family, he should not worry about it. Be prepared for such a situation.

Ability to satisfy

A man should be able to give physical pleasure to his wife. He should always satisfy his wife in terms of physical pleasure.


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