What Qualities of Women make them a Step ahead of Men.?

Chanakya Neeti: Acharya Chanakya life lesson

Chanakya has said in his policy that women are always ahead of men in these 3 issues. Women are ahead of men in what matters..? These are the wonderful qualities of women.

Chanakya Neeti is said to be the most philosophical and sincere book. Because even today people follow the principles written by Chanakya in that book. In Chanakya’s ethics, all matters related to the daily life of man are mentioned here.

Chanakya’s ethos did not shed its light only on success and money, rather, it also discussed issues related to women and men. Chanakya in his Niti has mentioned the relationship between women and men along with their qualities. Chanakya has said in his policy that women are always ahead of men in these 3 issues. 

Let’s see what qualities of women make them a step ahead of men.

1. Appetite:
Chanakya first mentions female hunger in Niti when he talks about the differences between men and women in his Niti. This means that women have twice the ability to tolerate hunger as men. Women feel more hungry than men. Women need more energy than men. From a scientific point of view, women also need more calories.

2. Intelligence:
Women are more intelligent than men. That’s why women have the ability to do everything they do with a more focused mind. They are more capable than men in intelligence. This is one of the main reasons why women overcome any difficult situation.

3. Mettle or Courage:
Acharya Chanakya wrote in one place in his Chanakya Niti, Sahasham Sarva Gunam. According to Chanakya, women are not only twice as capable as men in intelligence and endurance of hunger, but also in bravery. Courage is six times higher in women than in men. They surpass men in stress and tolerance. Even in adversity they stand stronger than men and face everything with courage.

According to Chanakya’s theory, women are more capable than men in the above 3 things. Men cannot overtake women in these matters.


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