Chanakya says that youth who have these qualities are the best..!

Chanakya Neeti: Acharya Chanakya life lesson

As Swami Vivekananda supported the youth in the development of the country, Acharya Chanakya also gave great importance to the youth. What does Acharya Chanakya say about youth..? According to Chanakya, how should youth be..?

Only the youth have the power to decorate and handle the country. What should the youth do for the development and prosperity of the country..? And how should it be..? Let’s see the thoughts of Chanakya in this regard. What does Chanakya say to the youth of the country’s backbone..?

Gender discrimination

Youth should not be alienated from the spirit of work. Because it not only hinders progress but also has the potential to ruin lives. It affects life negatively and spoils the present and future. The life of youth should be ascetic.


Anger is man’s greatest enemy. It spoils one’s intellect. The power to think is lost. In such a situation, decision-making capacity also ends. Young people should not let anger get the better of them. It is always important to keep anger under control.

Let go of laziness

According to Chanakya, laziness hinders a person’s progress. Being lazy in any work not only wastes time but also hinders your success. The youth should give up laziness and do all work with discipline so that the enemy-like laziness does not hinder their progress.


Chanakya says that intoxication, whatever it is, destroys the physical and mental health of the youth. Drug addiction drives the youth to do wrong things. And they bring their relatives into trouble with them. Chanakya tells him to stay away from them.

The company of bad people

It is better to leave the company of a friend who speaks softly in front of you and spoils your work behind your back. Chanakya says that a friend is like a pot, the top of which is filled with milk and the inside is filled with poison. Chanakya says that association plays an important role in human life. While the company of good people can take you on the path to success, sitting in the midst of bad people will fill your life with misery. Therefore, every person should choose his association thinking wisely.


Due to our carelessness, many times we have to suffer losses. Do not be careless in doing any work. Sometimes carelessness is too heavy in life. Because of that, they have to suffer bad consequences later. According to Chanakya, before doing any work, definitely consult an experienced person and do the work carefully.


Decoration leads the youth astray. Keeping clean is good. But the mind of the youth who decorate too much keeps drifting away from education. So young people should stay away from this.


Greed is said to be evil. Acharya Chanakya says that youth should avoid greed. A bad habit like greed can hinder your goal.


Entertainment can ease our minds, but unnecessary and excessive entertainment can be equally harmful. It is best to entertain only as much as is necessary. Excessive entertainment leads to a loss of knowledge of youthful energy.


According to Chanakya’s policy, the youth should know the value of time. Only those who understand the importance of time will succeed in achieving their goals in life. Only those who are ready to take advantage of time will be able to achieve their goals. So do every work on time and don’t procrastinate.