Chanakya says these 5 Places are Useless for Living.

Chanakya Neeti: Acharya Chanakya life lesson

Just like the food we eat affects our bodies, the place we live also affects our life and our future. According to Chanakya, we should not live in certain areas. According to Chanakya, you know what places we should not live..? Chanakya says these 5 places are useless for living.

Acharya Chanakya says that if a person wants to progress, avoid troubles and live happily, he should avoid living in certain places. Chanakya says that a person living in these places is not without problems in his life. Let’s see what are such places.


If there is no place, no institution, worth learning apart from school education, that place should also be left because along with mental and physical development the development of personality and character is necessary. Chanakya says that this is achieved by learning all the arts.


If the place where you live does not have schools or education and does not give importance to education, it is pointless to live there. Without education, the life and future of children will go into darkness. Education is very important for human life. And it brings us both money and respect in society.


What is the point of living in your village, town or city if there is no job or way to earn money..? Because life depends on money. That is, the first stage of this is employment.


If no brothers, relatives, friends or social people live near your house, leave the place immediately. Because no one will stand by you when you need it and even if you fight with them you can get happiness in life from them. So see if there are such people around where you live.

Honour and prestige

If you do not get respect in the place where you live, i.e. disrespect, then there is no point in living in such a place. The first condition of progress is proper respect. Chanakya says that you cannot succeed if your prestige or honour is bad or if you live among people who destroy your honour.


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