Chanakya says these are the lucky three persons of your life

Chanakya Neeti: Acharya Chanakya life lesson

According to Acharya Chanakya, these three people should be prevented from complaining against us. Who are those three?

Acharya Chanakya has expressed many ideas for the progress of life in his Chanakya Neeti. Happiness and sadness are two important parts of life. Sharing happiness increases happiness and sharing sorrow reduces pain. Chanakya gave many principles for a happy life. Chanakya shares his views on how to deal with adversity and move forward. According to Chanakya, there are people who give us courage and stand by us no matter the situation. We should never push these three away. Why these three people are so important to our lives? Let us who are those 3 people.

Sensible wife:

A cultured and sensitive wife is a matter of luck. In adverse situations, such wives stand as a shadow with their husbands. Not only this, she also helps the husband to face every difficult moment with determination and gives courage to fight those situations. In times of crisis, she acts as the shield of the family. Chanakya says that it is lucky for a man to have a sensitive wife.


Children should stand by their parents. Every parent hope that their child will be well behaved. A son should always make his and his family’s name shine in the society. If children are given the right guidance from the beginning, they will be the power of parents themselves in old age. It is very important to ensure that there is no bad habit in children.  According to Chanakya, those who have such a son will never need to grieve. Chanakya says that parents who have such a son will never find him alone in difficult times.

Good friend:

The association or friendship that any one person makes in his life determines his direction and status. If you get the company of good people in life, a person will make a lot of progress and lead a happy life, because such people will not let you go the wrong way. They selflessly seek your well-being. Never give up the company of these people. Chanakya has said that they will stand by you in times of danger. Acharya Chanakya states in his Chanakya Niti whose company one should not leave and whose company one should not. According to Chanakya, we should never leave the company of the above three. He thinks they can lead us to progress.         


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