Chanakya says waking these 5 people from sleep will kill you…!

Chanakya Neeti: Acharya Chanakya life lesson

According to Acharya Chanakya sleep is very important for an individual. Similarly, he says that these 5 persons should never be awakened from their sleep. According to Chanakya, do you know which 5 persons we should not wake up from sleep? Forget him and do not wake him from sleep.

Acharya Chanakya’s principles guide every person’s life. Chanakya has said many important things in Niti Sastra to lead a good and safe life. Chanakya says who explains the difference between good and bad to a person. Chanakya mentions 5 such people who should not wake up from sleep. Chanakya says that if these 5 people are woken up from their sleep, it will be dangerous for our lives. Do you know who those People are?


If children wake up from incomplete sleep, their mood will be disturbed. There are many cases of crying throughout the day. Children who are hyperactive due to half-sleep are difficult to handle, so they should never be awakened from half-sleep. It is said that it is not good to do this from the point of view of health.


Do not try to wake or disturb a dangerous animal while it is sleeping. A violent animal may attack a person in anger. Your life may be in danger. As even waking up an unfamiliar dog from sleep can get you into trouble, don’t disturb their sleep or they may harm you.


Never make the mistake of waking a sleeping lion. Otherwise, it can be fatal. Disturbing a sleeping lion can lead to trouble. In such a situation, it may be difficult for you to protect yourself, says Acharya Chanakya.


According to Acharya Chanakya, to wake a fool from sleep is to invite trouble. Chanakya says that explaining the situation to a fool is like playing the veena to the deaf. Even if you wake a fool from his sleep for his benefit, he will misjudge you.

the king

According to Chanakya, in ancient times it was considered a crime to wake a king from his sleep. In today’s age, a great officer or a ruler may fall prey to his wrath when he is awakened from his sleep. So Chanakya says in his Niti that we should not wake kings from their sleep.


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