Do you know why there are 108 beads in the rosary?

Chanting and reciting special mantras while worshipping and meditating on God is a religious practice. In this holy ritual, we usually say the name of God 108 times. Otherwise, it is natural to say the 108 names of God. Japa Mala will be used with the intention that there should be no difference or use of wrong numbers in remembering God’s name. As there are 108 beads in Japa Mala, the form of Dhyana or Japa is done properly. Why should all Japa beads have 108 beads? Why chant God’s name 108 times? Why is 108 great? It is natural to be confused. Here is information for one such confusion.

Rosary is one of the sacred religious objects

There are many reasons why Japa Mala, one of the sacred religious objects, has 108 beads. Chanting 108 times or more does not cause any problems. Everything done with sincerity and devotion is dear to God. It is said that a lot of merits are obtained from it.

Religious significance

These two numbers, 9 and 12, have acquired many traditional spiritual significances. If the number 12 is added 9 times, the resulting number is 108. Similarly, if 1 and 8 are added in 108, the answer is 9. So 9 and 12 are equal to 108. Similarly, mathematics 1, 2 and 3 have got more power. The power of 1 is equal to 1x 1= 1. The power of 2 is 2×2=4. The power of 3 is 3x3x3= 27. That means 1x 4x 27= 108 will come. So 108 is considered a happy number. Harsha means great joy.

108 is the holy sum

According to some mythological statements and calculations, man has 108 types of desires. Similarly, 108 kinds of lies are told. He has 108 forms of delusion or ignorance. There are 54 letters in the Sanskrit Varna Mala. Each of them means masculine and feminine gender as well as Shiva and Shakti. If these 54 alphabets are added twice then it gives the number 108. In this way, some facts give the holy sum of 108.

Chakras of the heart

Heart chakras are intersections of energy lines. A total of 108 energy lines are said to converge to form the heart chakra. One of them is Sushumna leading to the crown chakra. It is said to be the path of self-realization. It is also said that if one can be calm enough to hold the breath 108 times through pranayama, one will be enlightened.

Statement of Upanishads

According to the Upanishads, there are 108 books of wisdom related to sages. There are 108 types of emotions. 36 of which are related to the past tense. It is said that 36 relate to the present and 36 relate to the future.

In astrology

As far as astrology is concerned there are 12 constellations. They consist of 9 sections. They will be called Chandrakalas. 12 constellations counted 9 times equals 108. The horoscope is ruled by twelve houses and 9 planets. Nine planets counted 12 times equals 108.

Name of deities

There are 108 deities as far as Hindu deities are concerned. Each deity also has 108 names. Lord Sri Krishna had 108 gopikas. Similarly, it is said that there were 108 servants and maids. The number 1 in the number 108 represents the high and true. 0 stands for spiritual practice, emptiness and completeness. 8 means infinite or eternal.

Sun and Earth

The diameter of the sun is 108 times the diameter of the earth. Similarly, the distance from the Earth to the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Sun. Similarly, the distance from the Earth to the Moon is 108 times the diameter of the Moon. Silver represents the moon in astrology. Silver has an atomic weight of 108.

In a religious matter

The style of meditation consists of 108 types. Similarly, God’s ways are 108 ways. All of them are special and powerful. There are 108 deities with 108 names. Chanting their names regularly will bring good results. Absolution of sins.

In Hinduism

Hinduism is very broad and full of special things. The number 108 is considered the most sacred number in Hinduism. Hinduism includes 108 deities, 108 customs, 108 names of deities, 108 festivals, 108 religious objects, 108 samitas, 108 beads in Japa mala, and 108 religious principles.

In other religions

Even in Islam, God is mentioned in 108 numbers. The number 108 in Jainism consists of 12, 8, 36, 25 and 27 virtues respectively. They are five classes of sacred composite halls. In Sikhism 108 knots are used in favour of beads. Buddhists ring the bell 108 times while celebrating the New Year. He says 108 virtues should be cultivated. Similarly, it is said that there are 108 types of impurity. Chinese Buddhists and Taoists use a 108 bead garland. It is called Su-Chu. There are 3 split beads in these. The garland is divided into three parts with 36 beads each. Chinese astrology says there are 108 sacred stars.

Tradition and faith

According to some beliefs, the human soul passes through 108 stages. Admirable souls have 108 qualities. There are 108 types of Indian traditional dances. Each Japa mala has 108 beads. It is a tradition for them to have a larger size. That big bead marks the beginning and end of the top.

Great Number

108 is considered to be the greatest number in the world as it conveys a very sacred message and meaning. Likewise, 108 is a number that has acquired an association with divine power. If the Japa or mantras we do are in the number 108, then we will get in touch with God very quickly. It is said that we will get merit and luck with it.


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