Explained: How can a person of any other religion become a Hindu?

Explained: How can a person of any other religion become a Hindu?

Laws of some states against Religious Conversion came up for discussion amid a debate that once again erupted over the alleged Love Jihad. But have you ever thought that is there any system under which someone can become a Hindu?

If you want to become a Christian, go to the pastor in the church and after a little sacrament process you can become a Christian. Similarly, to become Muslim, conversion can be done with the help of an Imam in the mosque, but have you ever seen or heard that if one has to become a Hindu, what is the process? Can a person of any other religion be made a Hindu under a rite in a temple? What is the procedure and method to become a Hindu?

First of all you should understand that being a Hindu is a way of life, so there is a need to understand its philosophy and spirituality. It is true that it is not possible to go to a temple and become fully Hindu under a particular ritual or process. It is a long and difficult process, on the other hand it is also very easy.

Nepal is a stronghold of the Hindu population along with the Indian subcontinent. In addition, Balochistan, Indonesia, Mauritius, Fiji, UAE, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Trinidad, Tobago and Bangladesh also have Hindu populations. According to experts of Sanatan Dharma, you can easily understand the process of adopting Hinduism in 8 steps, how a person can become a Hindu.

  1. First of all you have to understand that being a Hindu means to live life in a special way. After this, you have to know the messages of Sanatan Dharma. Then you have to join a group or community that believes in the principles of Hinduism.

2. It is said that if you were not born in Hinduism, you can never be a Hindu. But in modern times, avenues were devised on how to allow non-Hindus to enter religion. After joining a temple or Hindu organization, you should participate in the puja Archana. This makes you understand the role of religion.

3. Yoga and meditation are quite important in Hinduism and lifestyle. You should learn different asanas for yoga and meditation. After this, you should study Vedas and other religious texts. The basis of Hinduism is ‘karma’. You should understand the Hindu principles of karma and commit to doing karma in the interest of the whole world and humanity.

4. Festivals have great significance in Hindu lifestyle. To join Hinduism, you should celebrate Hindu festivals and festivals. Also, the stories behind them and their messages should be understood. Along with this, one should follow a regular routine according to Hindu dates and calendar.

5. To adopt Hinduism, you should visit the pilgrimage sites of Hindus and know the vast heritage of Hindu customs, deities and religious principles. You come to the shelter of Hinduism with the information and philosophy of many pilgrimages and holy places including Char Dham.

6. If any temple or institution refuses to give you shelter, then you should not be disappointed. Currently, there are many gurus to enter Hinduism, who are teaching Hinduism through the Internet and Hindu organizations also have a digital presence. Here you can gain basic knowledge and understand how Hinduism is different from other religions.

7. You should understand and implement Hinduism’s ideas like mercy, non-violence, truth, love and spiritual liberation. You can become a Hindu by practising devotion and continuous religion. Since Hinduism is caste-based, if you become Hindu from any other religion, it is not decided under which caste you will be accepted.

8. The moral conversion has six ways: 1. Connecting to a Hindu community 2. Weighing, examining your previous religion and beliefs of Hinduism 3. Separating from your previous religion and religious leader 4. Taking a Hindu name legally 5. Traditional naming ceremony from a recognized Hindu institution. 6. To publicly declare their new name and separation from previous religion.


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