Fear of missed opportunities

Fear of missed opportunities
Fear of missed opportunities

We are accustomed to keeping the phone at hand to immediately answer the call, read messages, and look at social networks. We constantly follow trends, news, events, gossip, fashion, and trends. We want to be online and alert all the time. Inside every modern person, there is a fear of missing out on something important, but as a result, we only scatter our attention, time and energy.

There is such a thing as missed profit syndrome, which is abbreviated as FOMO (from the English. Fear Of Missing Out). The syndrome of lost profits is characteristic of most people, especially the younger part of society. We are always afraid to fly past something important, like plywood over Paris.

Therefore, we constantly monitor social networks, news, events and trends. We feel uncomfortable when there are no gadgets at hand. We are afraid of not being as advanced, fashionable and cool as the rest. We do not want to look like white crows, different from others. We are afraid to be out of line, which means we miss our potential opportunities. We don’t want the world to have fun and enjoy life, but we don’t. What if a holiday, party or event will take place without us? Only not this!

As a result, we follow someone else’s life on social networks and compare it with our reality. In most cases, the comparison is not in your favour. Fashion, news and trends also do not inspire self-confidence. But we forget that social networks, television and the Internet are not accurate reflections of reality, but rather distorted mirrors.

Fear of missed opportunities does not allow us to be happy, but this is not so bad. Much more dangerous is that we spread our attention too much. As a result, we do not have the time and energy to focus on something else. Are we online all the time so we don’t miss anything? But this does not allow us to do business, be focused, pay attention to important things, and also simply relax.

Enjoying missed opportunities

In addition to the fear of missing out, there is the joy of missing out on JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out). It is better to enjoy the fact that you are missing something empty to concentrate on something important or simply relax.

How to get rid of the syndrome of lost profits?

Choose quality over quantity

Admit to yourself that you can’t go to all the bars, go to all the parties, watch all the movies, meet all the people and date all the girls. You can not take all the goals, seize all the chances and use all the opportunities. Maybe it’s better to choose a couple of friends, find the most intimate place and love the only girl? Happiness has always been not in quantity, but quality.

Focus on what matters

By spreading our focus on everything, we are doing everything and nothing at the same time. As a result, really important, necessary, useful and primary things are not done. Concentrate on the important, and not on the nonsense that only bothers you. What did you need to do, what things to do, and what goals to achieve? Better focus on what’s important. Be here and now, even if you are just relaxing.

Turn down the information noise

Social networks and news are endless. You can scroll through the feed, but they never end. After 10 minutes, new ones will appear, and then more. Information noise fills our heads, not allowing us to think about something else. All this is stupefying. Turn down the information noise. Unsubscribe from unnecessary groups, mailing lists, and subscriptions. Check the tape only in the morning and evening. Uninstall unnecessary apps and turn off unimportant notifications. Don’t hang around on your phone before bed, in the morning in bed, or anywhere else.

Take your pick

Don’t be afraid to miss a party, a new movie, news, or an unusual trend. The world won’t collapse if you ignore it. Choose your own goals, dreams, desires, plans, and principles. Don’t let society impose something on you from the outside. Have your judgment on this world. Instead of a phone, it’s better to chat with your loved ones, kiss a girl, admire the sunset and enjoy moments of happiness.

Don’t let fear miss an opportunity to cause depression and hectic life. Live your life where you make the rules yourself. Replace the fear of missed opportunities with the enjoyment of missed opportunities. You know what you’re doing. Go your own way, which is special and unique for you. Happiness is not in a hurry but in the ability to choose your path.


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