Follow these 5 things of Vidur neeti to avoid trouble in life

do you know which 3 mistakes we should not make..? Vidura wants everyone to renounce these three qualities.

Mahatma Vidur is considered to be one of the greatest intellectuals of the Mahabharata period. He was also a great thinker and visionary with sharp intellect. It is believed that Mahatma Vidur used to make people aware of the upcoming situations before time. In Vidur neeti, we can find out some points related to life management. If we follow those, there will never be any problem in life. At the same time, we can live a happy life. Let’s know what are the important things of Vidur policy.

Keep distance from these people

According to the Vidur policy, people who are careless, lazy, angry, greed, fear, intoxication, immoral acts and intoxication should always be avoided. These people do not progress themselves, but at the same time lead others to destruction. One should always stay away from associating with such people, otherwise success is not achieved in any work.

These people have the quality of greatness

According to the Vidur a policy, a person who has the quality of forgiveness despite being powerful and has the ability to give charity even though he is poor. Such people are among the great people of the world. The place of such people is above heaven.

Keep the house clean

According to the Vidur policy, houses which do not have cleanliness from time to time and have lots of dirt. Poverty always prevails in such homes. Therefore, cleaning the house should be done from time to time. By doing this, Goddess Lakshmi resides in the house and happiness and peace are maintained in the house.

Respect elders

According to Vidur policy, elders should always be respected. In the houses where the elder persons are respected, happiness and peace are maintained and the grace of Goddess Lakshmi always remains. At the same time, in a house where the elder persons are not respected, money remains shortage.

Trust in God

According to Vidur policy, the person who starts any work by trusting God, gets success in every work. On the other hand, those who do not trust God and consider themselves supreme or take pride in themselves, their life is always painful.


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