Follow these Vidura’s advice to remove obstacles to success

Follow these Vidura’s advice to remove obstacles to success
Follow these Vidura’s advice to remove obstacles to success

The great sage Vidura gave many messages about success in life. If we follow the policies of Vidura and move forward, life becomes even sweeter.

Vidura’s principles are famous like Chanakya’s principles. Here you can find messages that inspire the values ​​of life. The importance of Vidura is understood in the Mahabharata. The Pandavas also followed Vidura’s advice. The life words of such a great sage are still relevant today. If you follow his messages, life will be even more wonderful. Similarly, there are some suggestions in Vidura’s policy which will remove the barriers to success. Here’s a look at what those obstacles are.


Sleep is the first obstacle for those who dream of success. According to Vidura, sleep is the first obstacle that comes in the way of those who make progress. Because many people forget to do other things in their sleep. Thus, those who are dreaming of reaching the goal should first take control of sleep and keep in mind punctuality about sleep. It is important for a man to get the required amount of sleep and get back to his usual work. Adopting the habit of sleeping early and waking up early is also a step towards success. When a man gives up sleep, success can be achieved in any field. But Vidura says that one who cannot control sleep should also give up the desire to achieve success.


Punctuality is very important in everything, not just sleep. According to Vidura, those who want to achieve success should not have a long-term attitude. The work to be done must be done quickly. Vidura believed that it would be foolish to delay intentionally.  So one who wants to get success should do all the work on time. Even a little delay can cause big obstacles and stop you. The situation itself can be changed. So, things are better if they are done at the right time. Then success will be achieved.


There are hundreds of obstacles and challenges that come in the way of achievement. However, it is important to face these challenges and obstacles with courage. So everyone should develop the habit of letting go of fear and moving forward. Fear prevents you from moving forward. Fear is very bad for those who are on the verge of success. One who gives up fear while carrying the dream of success is wise. Because, if you beat fear, it’s like getting half the victory. So everyone should develop the character to face the situation with courage.


Of course, laziness is an obstacle for everyone. Laziness does not bring credit. The lazy one postpones today’s work to tomorrow. Tomorrow he will look for some obstacle again. Thus, nothing can be achieved by lazy. Those who dream of success must first give up laziness.  Because, Vidura says, laziness creates a lot of obstacles. With this laziness, a man falls into a slight failure every day. He is not aware of it and time is running out and it’s too late to realize it.


It is true that those who cannot control their anger have to face various difficulties. Anger can never be good. A lot of people lose their judgement due to anger. In such a case, the disaster that usually occurs can also be terrible. According to Vidura, those who are excessively angry cannot achieve success. Because, on the way to success, you have to face many failures. Thus, it is possible that the angry person accepts this defeat by giving wisdom to the hands of anger and gives up on his own efforts.


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