Garuda Purana: Follow These Things for a Good Life

Garuda Purana, Lord Vishnu tells Garuda in great detail about the right way of life

Life values take us to another height. If we want to have peace of mind, peace and tranquillity, we must also have good thoughts in our minds. We get a lot of wonderful messages in the Garuda Purana which are required for a good life.

Life is too short. What matters most is how we live in this short life. Here we will definitely get the fruits of our karma. That is why our elders have taught us that if we do good, our lives will also be in good. Maybe, difficulties may come. But in the end of the difficulty, there is definitely happiness. A lot of unique scriptures are the guiding light for human life. Similarly, here’s a look at the wonderful life message that comes in the Garuda Purana. According to the Garuda Purana, if these important aspects are inculcated in life and if these things are followed at all times, there will be peace of mind, happiness and peace of mind.

Worship of Kula deva

Good and evil are within us. Whatever we do, we get the fruits. Therefore, one must always think of the good, the desire for the good, and do the good. The worship of God brings peace of mind to believers. It is the firm belief of the devotees that all difficulties will be removed if they have the blessings of God. This is also mentioned in the Garuda Purana. It is very important for every person to worship Kula deva. By worshipping the family deity, a person is freed from all kinds of hardships, sorrows and sufferings. God’s blessings will always be on the family. The Garuda Purana says that this will bring peace and tranquillity in the house and mind.

Courtesy of Annapurna

Our lives are a gift from God. Thus, it is also very important to thank God. According to the Garuda Purana, one should offer Bhoga to the Gods and Goddesses every day before taking food at home. By doing so, the grace of Annapurna will always be on the devotees. As soon as we sit down for lunch or dinner at home, the shloka is recited to pay homage and gratitude to Goddess Annapoorneshwari. The first morsel is accepted only after prayers are offered. In this way, thanks are offered to God for giving us that day’s rice. By doing so, the mind also gets peace of mind.

Charity Religion

Charity is the greatest. The elders say that some of what we have earned should be set aside for charity. According to the Shastras, charity with a pure mind, without expecting fruits, according to one’s own strength, brings peace to everyone’s life.

It would be better if he donated a part of his income to the best of his ability. Similarly, our scriptures say that food should also be donated. We should set aside a portion of the home-cooked cooking to give to the needy. By doing so, the financial condition of the house will also improve and happiness will be established.

Grace of Lakshmi

It is very important that the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi are on everyone. Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth. Thus, Lakshmi becomes pleased with the good we do. Food should be prepared only after bathing. Feeding the first food to the cow and the last to the dog will have the grace of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Shani on the house. There will also be no shortage of money and grains in these houses. It is also very important to stay away from anger and to be warm and cherished by all the family members without quarrels. Such houses are very dear to Mother Lakshmi and she always settles here.

Recitation of Vedas and Puranas

Scriptures and Vedic Puranas show the way to life. They tell us the wonderful things that are necessary for life. They are also the source of knowledge. Thus, the Garuda Purana says that one should read the Vedas and Puranas at home every day. The reading of such unique texts increases knowledge. There are wonderful messages in life. The strength to fight against the problems faced in life, to face the situation with courage comes in. And we find plenty of ways to succeed. This will make the journey of our lives even more wonderful. The light of knowledge makes life beautiful.


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