Garuda Purana says these bad habits can destroy life

Garuda Purana says these bad habits can destroy life
Garuda Purana says these bad habits can destroy life

The Garuda Purana describes the state before death and the state after death. Garuda Purana says many mysterious things about our lives.  According to the Garuda Purana, Lord Vishnu gave the answer as to what things lead a person towards moksha. It contains information about the rules of religion as well as the fact that life is ruined by bad habits. According to Garuda Purana, what are the bad habits that ruin our lives?

Wearing dirty clothes:

Dirty house or wearing dirty clothes is also mentioned in Garuda Purana. Goddess Lakshmi gets angry with us as we wear dirty clothes even after bathing. Lack of cleanliness at home is a sign of a dirty person. Garuda Purana says that for Goddess Lakshmi to settle down in your home, you must first give high priority to cleanliness.


A person who is arrogant will be left behind by people and will have to live a lonely life. Wealth, bungalows, expensive cars, land etc. will not be of any use to you one day or the other.

Sleeping even after sunrise:

Nowadays people sleep late and wake up late. This dirty practice ruins their lives as it angers not only Goddess Lakshmi but also Lord Shani. If you have a habit of sleeping even after sunrise then it is better to give up this bad habit today.

Living a life of hard work:

If a person avoids hard work, he becomes lazy. Mother Lakshmi gets angry if the given tasks are not done properly. Along with this, finding faults in the actions of others can also ruin life.  By focusing on your work without worrying about other people’s work or others, you will get success in everything.


A person who exploits the rights of the poor, the helpless, the strong, the weak, the widow, etc. will soon become poor and ruined. Such a greedy person has no partner. According to Garuda Purana, Maa Lakshmi will not be present for long in the house of such a person.


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