Garuda Purana: The Four Objects That Bring Good Luck If Viewed Daily

Garuda Purana, Lord Vishnu tells Garuda in great detail about the right way of life

The Garuda Purana is a Hindu scripture that belongs to the 18 Mahapuranas, which provide teachings on various aspects of Hinduism. This Purana is particularly focused on life and death, and it explains the journey of the soul to the afterlife. It also contains Lord Vishnu’s teachings on leading a better life.

The Significance of Garuda Purana Punishments

One of the auspicious teachings of the Garuda Purana is the significance of viewing certain objects daily, which is considered a sign of good luck. These objects are explained in detail in the scripture.

The Four Objects of Good Luck

According to the Garuda Purana, there are four objects that, if viewed daily, are said to bring good luck to the viewer. These objects have a sacred significance in Hinduism, and they are as follows:

Cow Urine: Considered sacred in Hinduism and used in the manufacture of many medicines, viewing cow urine daily is believed to bring good results.

Cow Dung: Cow dung is used in various Hindu rituals, and it is considered auspicious to put it on the door of the house. Viewing cow dung daily or burning jaggery made from cow dung is said to bring happiness and prosperity.

Cow’s Milk: The cow is considered a form of God in Hinduism, and cow’s milk is said to be nectar. Viewing cow’s milk daily is believed to bring better results in life.

Farming: Viewing ripe fruits in the fields is said to bring peace and better results. Agriculture is essential to human life, as it is the basis of food and sustains all living beings.

Importance and Benefits of Viewing these Objects

Viewing these objects daily is believed to bring good luck and progress in life, according to the Garuda Purana. Additionally, it emphasizes the sacred significance of these objects in Hinduism and encourages the viewer to respect and honor them.


The Garuda Purana offers valuable teachings on life and death, and its teachings on daily viewing of certain objects provide insight into the sacred significance of these objects in Hinduism. By following the teachings of the Garuda Purana, individuals can strive towards leading a better life and achieving good luck and prosperity.


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