Garuda Purana’s Guide to Gaining Fame and Respect in Society

Garuda Purana, Lord Vishnu tells Garuda in great detail about the right way of life

The Garuda Purana, a part of the Vishnu Purana, is an ancient Hindu text that provides information on various aspects of life, including death and rebirth. It is recited when a family member dies and is believed to offer salvation to the soul. However, the Garuda Purana also offers guidance on how to live a happy and fulfilling life by doing certain things. According to the text, these things can help individuals gain fame and respect in society. This article delves into the Garuda Purana’s teachings and highlights the practices that can help individuals achieve respect and fame in society.

Importance of Respect and Fame in Society:

Having respect and fame in society is essential for a fulfilling life. It not only helps individuals feel good about themselves but also provides them with opportunities to grow and succeed. Respect and fame can bring people together, provide support during difficult times, and open doors to new opportunities. The Garuda Purana emphasizes the importance of gaining respect and fame in society and provides a roadmap to achieve it.

Practices to Gain Fame and Respect:

The Garuda Purana suggests the following practices to gain fame and respect in society:

1. Donate to the Needy:

According to the Garuda Purana, giving a portion of food to the poor and needy can bring blessings from Goddess Lakshmi and ensure prosperity in the family. Donating to the needy not only helps them but also offers individuals a chance to do good deeds and accumulate positive karma.

2. Gau Seva:

The Garuda Purana emphasizes the importance of cow service, which involves taking care of cows and providing them with food and water. It is considered a blessed practice that can increase good deeds and bring individuals closer to divine energy.

3. Worship of Kuladeva and Ancestors:

The Garuda Purana suggests worshiping ancestors and the family deity to gain blessings and avoid problems in life. By paying homage to ancestors and kuladevas, individuals can receive guidance and support from their lineage and ensure success in their endeavors.

4. Service of Animals and Birds:

The Garuda Purana also emphasizes the importance of serving animals and birds. It suggests that individuals should feed the first roti made at home to the cow and the last one to the dog. Additionally, providing food and water to birds and feeding fish and ants can also bring success, happiness, and prosperity in life.

Incorporating These Practices into Daily Life:

While it may not be possible to incorporate all of these practices into daily life, individuals can still try to do them as often as possible. Even doing these practices once a week or once a month can bring benefits. For example, donating to the needy can be done by setting aside a portion of one’s income regularly. Similarly, taking care of a stray animal or feeding birds in the neighborhood can be done on weekends or whenever time permits.


The Garuda Purana’s teachings offer a valuable guide for individuals who want to gain fame and respect in society. By incorporating the practices suggested in the text, individuals can not only gain respect and fame but also lead a fulfilling life. These practices can bring positivity, blessings, and divine energy into one’s life and ensure success and prosperity. Therefore, it is worth considering these practices and trying to incorporate them into daily life as much as possible.


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