Horanadu Annapurna Annapoorneshwari Temple

Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple near Chikmagalur
Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple near Chikmagalur

Annapoorneshwari Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Annapoorneshwari (Annapoorna), located in Horanadu, India, 100 km from Chikmagalur in the dense forests and valleys of western Ghats in Karnataka. It is located on the banks of the Bhadra River.

Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple – Legends and Myths

Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple near Chikmagalur

The temple is also known as Adhishakthyathmaka Sri Annapoorneshwari Ammanavara Temple or Sri Kshetra Horanadu Temple. An eighth-century sage Agastya is believed to have created the goddess icon here.

According to legend, the god Shiva and his wife Parvati, goddess of food as Annapoorna, had an argument. Shiva declared that everything in the world, including food, was the Maya (an illusion). To prove that food is not an illusion, Parvati disappeared, causing nature to stand still. The climate has not changed and the plants have not grown, causing drought in the world. I felt sorry for the world, Parvati appeared and distributed food to everyone.

According to another story, Shiva beheaded the god Brahma. Brahma’s skull got stuck in Shiva’s hand. He was cursed that till the skull is not full of food or grains, it will stick to his hands. Shiva went everywhere and asked for food, but the skull was never full. So he finally went to this temple, and Annapurna filled the skull with grains and reversed Shiva’s curse.

History & Architecture

To reach the main temple complex, the devotees to climb a flight of steps. The Gopuram Temple (entrance) is decorated with many statues of Hindu deities. Mandapam is located on the left side of the entrance to the main temple. Beautiful sculptures can be found on the roofs of the temple. Adi Sesha surrounds the main shrine or Garbhagriha of the temple and forms Padma Peeta of Koorma, Ashtagaja and others.

Deity and Rituals

History of the Annapurneswari Temple

The word Annapurna is made up of two words Anna which means grain or food and Poorna means complete. Therefore, Annapurna means complete or perfect food. Sri Annapurnashwari is considered an incarnation of the Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva.

The Goddess Annapurna is acclaimed and classified in many ancient texts such as Rudramala, Annapurnamalininaksatramalika, Sivarahasya, and Annapurna Kavach.

The goddess Annapurnashwari can be seen here in a posture standing on a peetha. She is holding a cone, Chakra, Sri Chakra and Devi Gayatri in her four hands. The idol is covered in gold from head to toe, and it is believed that the Devi Anapoorna, will never for without food in their lives.

The main festival celebrated in this temple is Akshaya Tritiya. This day is considered the date of birth of the Goddess Annapurna. The day marks the beginning of Treta Yuga, as well as the end of winter and the beginning of summer. The temple also celebrates a 5-day Rathotsava during the month of February, 9-day Navratri, Deepotsav and Havi during September.

Prasadam (food)

Deity and Rituals at Annapurneswari Temple

If you visit the temple, food is served here. The temple administration offers food three times a day to the devotees. You can even donate rice to the temple for Anna Danam services.

Around Annapoorneshwari Temple Complex

There is a small Kalyani (pagoda pool) outside the temple. The streets around the temple full of dried fruits, flower shops, coconuts, etc. Visitors can buy some spices, dried fruits and chocolates from here.


There are many hotels around the temple, but you must book them long before as it will be crowded most of the time. You can reach Horanadu at night and stay in one of the hotels surrounding the temple. We can go to Darshan early Morning in the temple.

How To Reach Horanadu,Chikmagalur

How to Reach Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple

Bangalore to Horanadu:

  1. Kunigal – Hassan – Belur – Mudigere – Kottigehara – Kalasa – Horanadu – 326 KMs
  2. Kunigal – Hassan – Belur – Chikamagalur – Balehonur – Kalasa – Horanadu – 346 KMs

Mysore To Horanadu:

  1. K.R.Nagar – Holenarasipur – Hassan – Belur – Kottigehara – Kalasa – Horanadu – 265 KMs
  2. K.R.Nagar – Holenarasipur – Hassan – Belur – Chikamagalur – Balehonur – Kalasa – Horanadu – 285 KMs

Reach By Air:

Nearest Airport:

1.Mangaluru AirportTo HoranaduBy Road 136 KMs
2.Bengaluru AirportTo HoranaduBy Road 330 KMs

Nearest Pilgrim Places:

  • Kalasa (8KMS) Kalaseshwara temple
  • Dharmastala (108 KMS) Shri Manjunatha temple
  • Shringeri (70 KMS) Shri Shringeri Saradamba
  • Udupi (118 KMS) Shri Krishna Temple
  • Kollur (168 KMS) Shri Kollour Murarambika Temple
  • Bellur and Halebedu (95 KMS)
  • Shravana Belagola (220 KMS) Shri Bahubali

Nearest Place Of Interests:

KudremukhDam & hanumanagundi WaterFall
AmbathirthaPicnic Spot
Ballal RayanadurgaTrekking Place
Kudremukh TopTrekking Place
MydhadiTrekking Place


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