How to please everyone? Three minute rule

How to please everyone? Use the method of psychologists called the

Why is it that some people are easily liked by everyone after a couple of minutes of communication, while others do not become attractive even after years of dating? How to significantly improve relationships with other people and easily like them? How do establish good and friendly relations? How to improve relationships with girls, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and even unfamiliar people?

Psychologists told the main secret of good communication and sympathy for others. There is a psychological trick called the three-minute rule. If you do it, then relations with people will improve significantly. Psychologists recommend using it primarily for parents to improve relationships with children. But this method is well suited for establishing positive communication with any people.

The three-minute rule is as follows. When meeting, you need to openly demonstrate spiritual joy, as if you had not seen this person for a long time. You need to start not immediately as soon as you see each other but after a second. Then the person will understand that all the positive emotions are due to him. It will be like the sun that appears from behind the clouds and begins to delight with its warm rays.

How to please everyone? Three-minute plan

  1. Smile widely, openly and sincerely. If not, then think of something good.
  2. Use your eyes to smile, not just your lips. This speaks of the sincerity of the smile.
  3. Greet the person by name. This is the most pleasant word for the interlocutor.
  4. Emotionally and openly rejoice at the meeting. The interlocutor will see sympathy for him.
  5. Demonstrate your goodwill and readiness in close communication.
  6. Greet the person by hand or accidentally touch. This will bring warmth to communication.
  7. Radiate your own positive and healthy optimism. The mood is conveyed upon meeting.
  8. Take an interest in the affairs, health, family and mood of the interlocutor.
  9. Give a small compliment or words of encouragement.
  10. Show by behaviour that you like the person as if you are good friends.
  11. Keep the emotional uplift in the first minutes of communication.
  12. At the end of the conversation, openly smile and say goodbye warmly.

A positive mood and goodwill, in the first minutes of communication, cannot be overlooked. In communicating with people, it is not the duration of communication that is important, but emotional closeness. Such intimacy arises if you rejoice at meeting a person. A few minutes of joyful communication is very well remembered because a person emotionally “splashes out” at the very beginning of communication.

A dry greeting is extremely counterproductive if you want people to like you. You can dryly greet people for years and be surprised that no one likes you. Nobody likes unemotional and sad “crackers”.

Start greeting people kindly and use the three-minute rule. In a month you will see dramatic changes in communication with others. You will have more friends, good acquaintances and girls. Relationships with colleagues and people with whom you often communicate will improve. Improve relationships with family and friends. It will be easier with the opposite sex because a friendly attitude attracts girls.

How to please everyone? Use the method of psychologists called the “rule of three minutes.” There will be no end to friends, buddies and girls.


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