How to quickly achieve results in any business?

Hindus have 33 crore gods and goddesses. Each of these Hindu gods has a specific function. Similarly, do you know which god to pray to for a job? 

Each of us has many plans, goals and dreams. But the gap between desire and reality is enormous. All goals turn out to be too difficult, and dreams are unrealizable. How to quickly achieve results in any business? How to quickly reach the goal?

There are many reasons why we do not achieve what we want. Why can’t you get in shape and look beautiful? Why can’t you improve your personal life? Why can’t we quickly achieve the desired goals, as we want?

It’s about speed and activity. If you want to achieve something faster, you need to act faster. Much quicker, more vital, more energetic and more active than now. Not twice as fast, but 10-30 times.

Why does a person usually hesitate? The reasons may be different. Fear of failure, perfectionism, low self-esteem, laziness, inability to deal with difficulties, or other personality trait.

How do quickly achieve results and reach the goal?

“Life is short, speed is needed to get what you want in the limited time we have.”

Who is Soichiro Honda to follow his advice? Soichiro Honda is the founder of the international company Honda Motor. Soichiro Honda grew up in the home of a village blacksmith. A self-taught mechanic, he started his journey with the company by installing low-power motors on bicycles. Now Honda Motor is the main Japanese motorcycle manufacturer and one of the top ten car manufacturers in the world.

Do you dream of a sports figure? Train not once a month, but 3 times a week. In training, give your 110%, and do not feel sorry for yourself. Eat healthy food not 2 times a month, but every day. Have a good breakfast, but do not eat before bed every day. Get more active every day. People who sluggishly try to do something never succeed.

Do you want to improve your personal life? Meet 2-5 girls a day, not a month. Do it on the street, on social networks or on dating sites. Go on 2-3 dates a week at least. The more you try, the faster you will find a girl to your liking. Your attempts to establish a personal life are too weak now. With such speed, you will find yourself a girlfriend only in old age.

Doing your own business or defending a new speciality? Give it 5 times more time than now. Are you learning a foreign language? Do it more and more. Do you post videos on YouTube once a week? Make them three. Are you learning to program or doing something else? Practice every day as much as you can. Only this will allow you to reach your dream.

When you plan to quickly achieve results in any business, you need to really try, and not just pretend. Spend almost all your free time on the goals you need. No free time at all? Get rid of movies, series, news, social networks and other useless nonsense.

Tips for Achieving Goals

“I have made many mistakes in my life. And the secret is that I never made the same mistake twice.” Soichiro Honda

Divide the goal into stages and tasks.

Do the most important things first.

Don’t expect a good chance or good luck. Create opportunities yourself, and then implement them.

Set a clear deadline date for when everything should be ready.

Read more books and see more study materials that are useful for business.

Don’t support your naughty child inside who doesn’t want anything.

Don’t wait for inspiration. Just stick to the schedule and be disciplined.

Find like-minded people and those who have similar dreams.

Dive into your dream and the goal is stronger to live it.

How to quickly achieve results? You need to be faster than you are now. Much faster. If you move like a turtle, you will reach your goal only by the age of 100. But if you increase the speed by an order of magnitude, then the result will not be long in coming.


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