How your Smart Phones can bring you good luck and fortune?

Some people use lucky numbers as mobile numbers, others buy mobiles and sims on their lucky day. But if our mobile phone is like this, luck will find us.

Some people use lucky numbers as mobile numbers, others buy mobiles and sims on their lucky day. But if our mobile phone is like this, luck will find us.

Necessity is the mother of invention. As the needs increase, man turns his attention to new inventions. A good example of this is the smartphone. Born out of necessity, smartphones have become a part of our lives today. Once upon a time, we used to open our eyes to see our palm, God’s idol, but today we wake up early in the morning and look at our smartphones. According to some sources, mobile phones have the ability to change our fate. It is a belief of some and it is a superstition of others. As mobile phones turn our bad times into good times. Some believe this, while others dismiss it as superstition. See how mobile phones change our luck according to beliefs:

Mobile password

If we make our date of birth our phone’s password, we’re out of luck. Whether our mobile password is 5 digit or a 6-digit password the sum of that number should be equal to our date of birth. Broadly speaking, if one’s date of birth is 14, then their lucky mobile password number is 1 + 4 = 5. Then they should keep their mobile password as 5. God blesses us to earth on this auspicious date so this is our lucky number.


The first thing we see on our phones is the wallpapers, be it the mobile lock screen or the home screen containing wallpaper. If self-employed use their office image as wallpaper, success is theirs. If you use Goddess Lakshmi’s photo on wallpaper, money, wealth, and prosperity will be yours. Using sun photos as wallpaper will bring fame. Those who want peace should use sky photos as wallpaper. A photo of a running horse increases productivity. Flowers wallpaper brings happiness and luck.

Phone colour

Knowing what colour our lucky number is based on and using that colour as our phone wallpaper can also change our luck. If your lucky number is 1 red colour, 2 white colours, 3 yellow or gold colour, 4 brown colours, 5 green colours, 6 silver colour, 7 grey colour, 8 blue or black colour, 9 It is believed that red or gold colour brings good luck. But whether it is faith or superstition is a matter left to their discretion.

The image of a mobile display reveals a person’s personality

Our personalities are hidden by the increasing number of photo filters these days. Thus, those who put a veiled image on the display of our phones do not like to promote and praise themselves too much. Not only that, but some people also believe that those who put on a veiled display are not worthy of trust. So don’t obscure your photo on displays.

Phone cover

Covers used for phones also indicate a person’s personality. Those who use black phone covers often seem to keep a lot of secrets to themselves. They don’t like to share their secret with anyone. Lovers of red or pink phone covers are very passionate. Always likes to smile. But they get irritated and angry even with small things. Similarly, those with flashy phone covers love to draw attention. A little attention to them is enough and they are really happy.


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