I have achieved nothing in life

Have I achieved nothing in my life? It happens. But add the word “bye” to this sentence, and then there will be intrigue and a real dream. If you have read this article to the very end, then you have long been ripe for change.

Each of us in our 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s or 60s thinks about our achievements. But looking back and comparing with others, you start to feel sad. Have you achieved little of what you wanted when dreams remained dreams, and goals turned out to be unconquered? Did you think that by your age you would be much better and achieve more? So do many, if not all.

Each new day begins like the last, and life goes on at its own leisurely pace. In your years you have achieved and reached certain heights. But starting to compare with other people, you notice that the successes are quite common and modest. Nothing to brag about. You have achieved much less than you planned and wanted, by your current age.

Did you dream that at the age of 20 you would be a cool and promising specialist? At 25, will you travel the world, speak a foreign language fluently, and work in a well-paid job? At the age of 30, perform on the big stage in front of colleagues and listen to admiring responses? At 35, have a good family, a cool car and a big house? At the age of 40, get recognition from society and give interviews? At 45, become a legend recognizable on the street? Retire at 50 and then enjoy life, travel and conversations with interesting people?

Each of us had unique dreams about our bright future. We imagined and dreamed of many wonderful things. Our future was magical, wonderful and magnificent. Just a Hollywood fairy tale. In this future, we had recognition, prosperity, money, happiness, family, respect and a high place on the social ladder. It was an interesting, rich and fulfilling life and not all of it.

I had big plans when I imagined my N-year-old self. At my age, I must have achieved so much. Life was supposed to be wonderful and wonderful. But looking around you notice that so little has been achieved. Ashamed, insulting and uncomfortable with myself today. I have achieved nothing in my life! I am a loser and the most ordinary person.

Familiar thoughts and feelings?

Today, I was again surfing the Internet, doing nonsense, buying something on AliExpress, and playing computer games. On weekends, I enjoyed idleness and laziness. All your surroundings are ordinary people who are only interested in everyday life, money, alcohol, politics, love affairs and ordinary things. You are mired in a routine, and there are no prospects at all.

Dreamed of buying a motorcycle, travelling around the world, learning to surf, learning a foreign language and conquering Everest? Did you dream of choosing the most difficult and desirable from the grandiose goals? But instead of that, you suffer in the choice of beer in the evening in the store and the selection of a fresh series?

You buy branded items for travel and tourism, but you sit at home. You choose branded sports shoes and clothes, but rarely play the sport itself. You are sluggishly trying to learn or change something, but weakly. You do not believe in change and forbade yourself to dream. You avoid trying and changing something in order not to be completely disappointed in life. You stopped twitching and resigned yourself.

Each of us in our 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s or 60s thinks about our achievements. But almost everyone comes to the same conclusion: I have achieved nothing in life. I’m a failure and mediocrity.

What to do if you have achieved little?

The situation that has arisen is discouraging. What is not enough achieved and achieved in life? At such a moment, you want to die, tear out the remaining hair or howl at the moon. What is the reason for such a life? Laziness, procrastination, procrastination, poor motivation, lack of willpower, and few useful actions. Just one sentence, but how it clearly describes you.

In just a couple of decades, you will become old, sick and useless. Then it will be a fiasco, but not now. All is not yet lost. There is life in the old dog yet. You need to take it and start changing your life for the better. Right today and right now. How to find motivation? The discomfort of never achieving your dream should outweigh the discomfort of change. That’s when you move.

What do you want to achieve and what have you achieved? Redefine your big goals. Purpose and dreams always inspire us. They light up our eyes, fill the void in our souls and make us happy. Don’t listen to anyone, don’t be afraid of anything and do your thing. Go to your goals and dreams. It is possible to even at 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 years old to change something that does not suit you. Better to be on the path to your dream than not even trying.

What to do exactly? Each person dreams of his own and is unique. Each person has their life path. But you don’t have to dream only about money. Imagine that you know for sure that you will never be very, very rich. What would you do then? What would you do? Where were you aiming? What were you interested in? How did you spend your time and energy?

How to achieve more? It is important to find realistic dreams and set achievable goals. Make detailed plans for yourself and act every day. Achieve your desired dream. Leave behind descendants and give them a good impetus. Create something good that will remain after you. Make the world a little better.

Confused in life and did not understand what to do? Choose a real dream that inspires you. You can choose several different ones, so you will be even more interesting. Now think about how to achieve this. Make your short, medium and long-term plans. What should you do and not do every day?

Have I achieved nothing in my life? It happens. But add the word “bye” to this sentence, and then there will be intrigue and a real dream. If you have read this article to the very end, then you have long been ripe for change.

What’s next? Go and do it, don’t whine and complain. Go and do it right now. There will be no miracles. Everything was always in your hands and your power. There is no better moment for change than today, and there never will be.


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