I Teach Piety, Not Religion – Osho Book summary, subject and review

I Teach Piety, Not Religion - Osho Book summary, subject and review

I Teach Religiosity, Not Religion. What Does It Mean? Subject, Main Idea, Summary

Religion is not what people understand. Religion is not Christianity. It is not Hinduism. It is not Muslim.

All the religions that exist in the world – which are not few, there are three hundred religions in the world – are dead rocks. They do not flow, they do not change, and they do not move with the age.

All so-called religions are digging a grave for you, destroying your life, your love, your joy, and filling your heads with fantasies, delusions and hallucinations about God, about heaven and hell, reincarnation and various nonsense.

True piety does not need prophets, saviours, scriptures, churches, popes, or priests, because piety is the blossoming of your heart. It is reaching the very centre of your being. And the moment you reach the very centre of your being, there is a burst of beauty, bliss, silence, and light. You start to become a completely different person. Everything dark in your life and everything wrong in your life disappears.

I Teach Piety, Not Religion Quotes – Lyrics

  • If God existed, he would certainly have been assassinated; It was not tolerated.
  • Love is an individual situation experienced with another individual. And piety is a greater love story with the individual who is oriented towards the whole universe:
  • The thought that God created man takes away all the beauty, all the joy of life; it turns you into mechanisms. I would like to remove God from your life so that for the first time in your life you can feel not like an independent, free, created puppet but like a source of eternal life. Only then can you feel pleasure.
  • All of humanity until now has lived in a schizophrenic way. Everyone was torn to pieces. Your religions, philosophies, and ideologies have not been methods of healing, but the root causes of internal conflict and war. You are injuring yourself. Your right hand injures your left hand, and your left hand injures your right; injured on both hands.
  • There is no holy book anywhere. The so-called holy books are not even good literary works. It’s fair to say that no one reads them because most of them are full of ugly pornography.
  • But people are weird – let them get sick first, then give medicine.
  • Perhaps, according to the conventional mind, machines are the most religious people in the world because they never rebel.
  • Members of religion do not want the earth to return to paradise, because then what will happen to their paradise? They want the earth to remain poor and hungry and sick as it is now, for all their work depends on it. The rich donate to churches because the church protects them – the poor who don’t have food also donate. Because it is the church that guides them. And this life is short, this life is not much; Most are passed, few remain. This too shall pass, and then eternal life with eternal pleasures will come. Church shows the way, Jesus shows the way
  • I want people to be free in all dimensions, politically, and religiously, to function with their consciousness. Then it will be a beautiful world, a real revolution.

Osho Quotes – Lyrics

  • Before society corrupts you, pollutes you, interferes with you, plans you, and murders your nature, try to find out who you are. Buddhism too; It is called finding the true face, the true face, the face that has not been corrupted by society, which you had before you were born and will have again when you die. It is your nature, your soul, your being. ( Yoga )
  • Tantra says do not divide, be undivided, only then can you emerge victorious. How should it be undivided? Condemnation, “This is good!”, “This is bad!” do not say. Withdraw all notions of purity and impurity. Look at the world, but don’t say what it is. Be ignorant, don’t be too wise. Labelling, keeping quiet, condemning, justifying. If you can remain silent about the world, gradually that silence will sink in. And if there is no division outwardly, there is no division in inner consciousness, because the two can coexist. ( Book of Secrets: 112 Meditation to Reach the Secret of Life )
  • People who don’t trust, believe. Faith is temporary; It is a scam like a fake leopard. People who can trust don’t need faith. Life is enough. You don’t need to put a god or nirvana on it. There is no need. Life is enough. You live life. ( The Man Who Loves Seagulls )
  • And even the goodwill of an unconscious person can be poisonous. ( Falling in Love )
  • Concentration is always a contraction of consciousness. The narrower the consciousness, the stronger it becomes… But this is not meditation… Concentration gives you tremendous powers, but these are mind powers. ( Perfect Awareness in the Modern World )
  • Woman means intuition, poetry means imagination. Male means will, prose, and logic. ( Chakra Book )
  • Death is a temptation; If life tempts you, think about death. ( Back Home to Yourself )
  • Mental health is realizing that you are not focused on the centre. Thus, the first thing to do is to concentrate on the centre; It would be to have a centre within yourself where you can direct your life, discipline, a master within which you can direct and act. If the first thing to do is to crystallize, the second step is not to create your pain. Drop everything that creates pain – all the reasons, desires, and hopes that create pain. ( Yoga – Birth of the Individual )
  • The fool is in you too, the genius. Of course, the fool is much more powerful, because he has a long history of dada, while the genius has a very small voice. ( Mind )
  • We are all part of a great madhouse. We are born there, grow up and spend our whole lives there. ( Journey into the Void )
  • When he wants to be with another person, it shows that he is fed up with himself. When you want to be on your own, you’re tired of the other person. This is a nice fit! Being with another person creates a deep desire for solitude in you. You can ask lovers, all lovers feel the urge to be alone from time to time. However, they are afraid of being alone because they think that loneliness is contrary to love. And what does your lover say? The other person may be hurt. That’s why they act. Although they want to be alone, to create a space of their own, they pretend and continue to be together. This trick is wrong, it destroys love. It fakes the relationship. ( Meditation for Busy People )
  • You have to drop everything that people tell you as true or false. It may have been right and wrong for them, it has nothing to do with you. ( Living Dangerously )
  • Man needs to be needed. This is one of the most basic human needs. If the person is not taken care of, he starts to die. If a person does not feel that he is important to at least someone, his whole life becomes insignificant. That is why love is the greatest therapy there is. ( Ego )
  • Ego is a useful fiction. Use it, but don’t let it fool you. ( Ego )
  • A human being, however repressed, has a certain intelligence. ( Freedom – Courage to Be Yourself )
  • I want people to be free in all dimensions, politically, and religiously, to function with their consciousness. Then it will be a beautiful world, a real revolution. ( I Teach Religiosity, Not Religion )
  • Even those who talk so much about scepticism, doubt, and logic, never doubt their minds. And your mind has brought you into the situation you are in. If you are in hell, your mind has brought you to this hell and you will never doubt this guide. You doubt any teacher or master but never doubt your mind. You move forward by accepting your mind as a guru with an unshaken belief. And your mind has brought you into this turmoil, the misery you are in. If you’re going to doubt anything, first doubt your mind. And whenever your mind says something, think again. ( Book of Secrets: 112 Meditation to Reach the Secret of Life )
  • The biggest disaster is accepting to be someone else: you never mature. ( Woman )
  • Where there is no love, it is cold. ( Spirit Pharmacy )
  • There is no faith that is not blind. A person with eyes does not believe in the light, he recognizes it. You don’t need to believe this. ( Love of Life )


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