Wedding Dreams: What They Mean for You, is it good luck? Or will it be inauspicious..?

According to reincarnationists, the reasons for a marriage to be happy or unhappy are perfectly justified by episodes from the past lives of each member of the couple.

It is very common to dream about marriage or dream of marriage as you reach marriageable age. However, it is important to know what these mean. Do you know what it means if you dream of marriage? If you dream of marriage, is it good luck? Or will it be inauspicious..?

Marriage is an important part of everyone’s life. Usually, everyone waits for this day. We all dream of meeting our true love and taking our relationship to the stage of marriage. Sometimes we think so much about this special day that we start seeing the wedding even in our dreams. At this time, various kinds of thoughts come into our minds regarding the dream of marriage. We want to know the meaning of these dreams. So, what does it mean if you dream of marriage?

A dream of marriage for those who were single

If you are single and the dream of marriage comes to your mind, it means that you are about to embark on a journey of something special, be it a relationship, career or any other big life decision.

Dream of marriage with a spouse

This means that your relationship is going very strong. It also ensures that if you decide to end your relationship, they will be able to make that decision too. This means that if both of you decide to get married together, this decision will be successful. You can talk to your partner about this.

Dream of wedding preparation

If this dream occurs, it means that you have some dissatisfaction and tension in your life. Wedding preparation is a stressful process which puts you under a lot of stress. It is directly related to stress and anxiety.

Dream of marriage to someone else

If you dream of marrying someone else after being with your partner, it means that you want to be with the prince of your dreams and someone who has similar qualities or who matches your ideals. It means you want to marry them. It’s a sign that you want something more from your current relationship.

Someone else’s dream of marriage

This means that you are also in a position to take such responsibility. Perhaps you will present your marriage idea to your family and friends.

A dream of marriage

Some people feel confused and stressed while dreaming of marriage. This happens because people are afraid to make emotional commitments. In such a situation, you should know that these dreams are related to some situations in your life.


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