Kali’s scary signature is all over

Kali’s scary signature is all over

Sloka 30-36: Narada describes the situation caused by the spread of Kali on earth. Truth, meditation, cleanliness, kindness, charity have vanished among human beings. People only want to eat and fill their stomach. For getting silly and small things, they speak lies; they have no energy and do not follow rituals; they exploit the weak; they are interested in non-Vedic things; men have become irresponsible and it is the woman who are forced to run the house; those who practice violence try to settle scores and teach others; people sell the girlchild for money; there is constant fight between husband wife; evil people are forcing people to abandon ashram dharma and vitiate the atmosphere in temples and around holy ponds; it is difficult to find yogis, siddhas (who uses power to treat others) and philosophers. Respect for rules have been consumed by the flames of Kali.

There are recurring droughts; Brahmins are selling the Vedas; for want of money, women are practicing prostitution. All these have become the tell-tale signs of Kali.

Interpretation: What Narada Muni had said years ago, is still valid. Kali’s terrible and scary signature is all over us. But amid the gloom, there are nuggets of goodness too. In dirty ponds, lotuses do bloom. Our endeavour should be to become a pure lotus and stand out through bhakti and gyan (wisdom) through the study of spiritual texts like Srimad Bhagawatham.   


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