Karma can explain many things in couples’ lives.

According to reincarnationists, the reasons for a marriage to be happy or unhappy are perfectly justified by episodes from the past lives of each member of the couple.

According to reincarnationists, the reasons for a marriage to be happy or unhappy are perfectly justified by episodes from the past lives of each member of the couple.

If the union between the sexes is a law imposed by nature for the perpetuation of the species, why are there so many mishaps and disappointments in the way of couples who, consciously or unconsciously, do nothing more than obey it? From general religions and philosophies, which teach that man and woman were created at birth or conception and that their spirits did not exist before, it is impossible to discover the answer. This does not happen if we look for the explanation in reincarnation, as doctrines such as the spiritist suggest.

For reincarnationists, the man was created simple and ignorant, and successive lives are nothing more than a corrective and educative process aimed at evolution. In this program of successive lives, people are reborn in different social, health, sex and relationship positions, and as the law is universal and equal for everyone, they are reunited with other members of their group, all in different relationship positions. , according to individual or group evolutionary needs.

Thus, a person who has had a child in one life can be reborn in another as his brother, his son, his friend, his husband, etc. You can also present yourself as a person of the other sex, as with transsexuals, homosexuals, etc. Each life aims to provide different experiences of work, relationships and social position, thus enriching the human spirit.

Marriage is a difficult test because it is in it that two people, often antagonistic, live together in an attempt to smooth out relationship problems and others from their past. What would be the method used to get these people to unite? The scheme is as follows: when they are still waiting for the opportunity to be reborn, on the spiritual plane, they know their past. It is suggested to them, then, that, to solve problems from this past, it would be convenient to try to live together. That way they would get to know each other better.

Mirage creation

If the two accept, they are reborn at suitable times and the memories that could make the union difficult are erased from their memories. To help them fulfil what they set out to do, the spiritual plane makes them meet and makes use of loving vibrations that also create a mirage. The boy and the girl fall in love and marry; even after the mirage dissolves and the love cools down, they, for their tranquillity and well-being, strive to solve the problems that arise in daily life, which may include their children. Thus, facing the lessons that marriage offers, they, in addition to learning, will repay their mutual debts. Those who abandon the fight, without finishing what they set out to do, increase their debts and will repeat the dose in other lives.

An example we know of is the case of a single young woman from a good family who went abroad for a long time, where she fell in love with a man and became pregnant. Fearing the family’s reaction, she gave the child to two women, who would raise her with the financial help promised by her father.

The girl later returned to her country, and her father forgot the commitment he had made. The child – a boy – was then precariously raised by the women. She discovered her origins and revolted at the abandonment. He ended up becoming a delinquent.

Sometime later, the mother returned to the spiritual plane, where she stayed for some time. As the time for his return to Earth approached, he was presented with a picture of his former life. As she had acquired a degree of spirituality, she understood her mistake and felt impelled to help her son as much as possible. So when it was suggested to her that she take responsibility for living close to him, she accepted and their lives were then outlined in broad strokes. She would reincarnate and live as his wife.

The memories of the previous life were swept away and both were reborn. Strangely, she was reunited with the boy who had previously been her son. Then came courtship and marriage, which soured when the husband showed himself to be irresponsible. When the children were born, the father, turned in on himself, showed little interest and, without having any notions of how to live in a society governed by laws, he got into constant difficulties. It was up to his wife (who in the previous incarnation had harmed him) to save him from the consequences, working for both of them and the upbringing of their children. Thus, they lived a bitter union, in which the unpleasant incidents occurred in a monotonous sequence and only ended with the husband’s suicide.

perfect justice

If we were to look in the dogmas of the Western churches for the reason why the Creator formed two such different creatures, and then united them in marriage, we could only think that, for mysterious reasons, He was profoundly unjust. We would not be able to understand why her husband behaved that way or explain why she endured the hardships of marriage when he could have chosen to separate. But for those who know how reincarnation works, justice is clear and perfect: a selfish and irresponsible mother receives, as a companion, also irresponsible and selfish, the child she abandoned in another life. The formerly helpless young man, without his mother to protect and teach him, is then drawn to the one who was partly responsible for the mistakes he made in another life.

By meeting again, both were able to solve at least part of their problems and smooth out some of their shortcomings. As for the father, who had scorned his commitment to helping financially in raising his child, the laws of reincarnation also prepare him to assume this responsibility, whether in the near or distant future. In other words, sowing is free, but harvesting is mandatory, and what one sows another does not reap.

We also see that the popular saying “marriages are made in heaven” expresses a reality. If we replace the word “heaven” with “spiritual plane”, we will understand that marriages are made in another dimension.


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