Keep these 5 things in mind while lighting a lamp to God

Every day when we worship God, we light a lamp and offer flowers to him. However, there are certain special rules for lighting a lamp for God. Do you know what those rules are? Why should we light a lamp to God? It is very important to follow these rules while lighting a lamp to the deity.

In Sanatan Dharma, lighting a lamp for the happiness, peace and prosperity of the house is given a special place. During any religious ritual or puja ritual – during the rituals, the fire God is worshipped and a lamp is lit in front of the God. It is a symbol of faith and respect of Hinduism.

Lighting a lamp removes the darkness. At the same time, it has scientific importance, lighting different types of lamps at different times will purify the environment and refresh our conscience. There is a tradition of lighting lamps in the morning and evening.

Rules for lighting a lamp:
While lighting a lamp, it is important to remember certain rules related to lighting it and follow it. Do you know what are the rules that we should follow while lighting a lamp to God?

1. The lamp should not be broken:

If you are lighting an earthen lamp, make sure that the lamp does not break. If we light a broken lamp to God, the confidence of the mind decreases.

2. Keep the oil and ghee lamp as follows:

The deity is usually lit with oil and ghee lamps. If we want to light a ghee lamp to God, we have to place the lamp on the left side of God. And keep in mind that to light an oil lamp, you have to place it on the right side of God. This will please God and this will bring happiness and prosperity in the house.

3. Light this lamp for the benefit of the sadhana:

If you have taken any sadhana decision, you should light a Flour lamp to get the full benefit of that sadhana.

4. Light this lamp to Shani Dev:

To please Lord Shani Maharaj, the God of Justice, one should light a lamp of sesame oil to avoid anger like his Sadesati and Shani Daiya.

5. Time to light a lamp:

The right time to light the lamp is from 5:00 am to 10:00 am. It is auspicious to light the lamp from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we make some mistakes when lighting a lamp to God. As a result of those mistakes we will not be able to get the full fruits of worship. According to the above rules, lighting a lamp to the deity will yield the fruits of worship.


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