Kill the enemy in you! How to stop being your own enemy?

Kill the enemy in you! How to stop being your own enemy?

Your biggest enemy is the one you don’t suspect, but you see in the reflection of the mirror every day. It’s you. Often we do not even realize that we create obstacles for ourselves and are the most dangerous enemies. How to stop being your enemy? Kill the enemy in you!

“Learn to recognize your enemies. You can be such an enemy yourself. Brian Herbert

Why does nothing work in life? Every day we do something and make decisions. Our future life depends on this. But if every day we do the wrong things, then life becomes worse, not better.

We are our enemies who spoil everything. How to stop doing nonsense and start moving in the right direction? How do leap forward? First, you need to get rid of the enemy within yourself. Shoot him.

How to stop being your enemy?

1. The inner enemy expects the approval of others and tries to please everyone.

2. The enemy does not allocate the necessary resources for really important things: time, effort and money.

3. The enemy inside you is cowardly, weak-willed and used to constantly giving up without a fight.

4. The enemy limits you by imposing rules, stereotypes and limits.

5. The inner enemy speaks about the injustice of the world around them, not wanting to look for the true cause in himself.

6. The enemy constantly talks about being busy, although he simply does not know how to allocate his time.

7. The enemy sees in everything the negative and the evil fate of fate, and not opportunities and chances.

8. The inner enemy is looking for the easiest way, in the hope of deceiving everyone. But on a difficult path, there are more chances not to meet competitors. Success comes with hard work. 9. The inner enemy likes to constantly suffer and feel sorry for himself. What makes you a loser?

10. The internal enemy takes on unattainable goals in advance and then loses because of arrogance.

11. The enemy likes to sit in a zone of comfort and laziness, afraid to go outside.

12. The enemy lets everything take its course. People go with the flow, and then they are surprised at the position where they find themselves.

13. The enemy uses ineffective ways and strategies that do not work but continue to hit the wall. But there are such things as flexibility, wisdom and the ability to adapt to circumstances.

Kill the enemy in you!


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