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Krishna’s brief for Bhakti - Srimad Bhagavatam

We have enough to learn in life from Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna’s principles and advice are very important to lead a good life. What are all the suggestions of Lord Krishna to be followed for life management..? These 10 management tips from Lord Krishna will take you to the top.

Learning from Sri Krishna is really very difficult. To live life well, one should learn from Lord Krishna. Shri Krishna says that becoming a common man is the most extraordinary act. You have to perform your karma to make life beautiful. So let’s know what are the 10 management tips of Shri Krishna.

Manager or boss

Lord Sri Krishna got many people to work but not by being a manager or boss. Everyone believed in Lord Krishna because He was nobody’s master and He was not a dictator. While he was king in Dwarka, he never behaved like a king. He was a friend, counsellor and ally of the people. He never misused his power. When they worked as a team, the Pandavas won.

Broad thinking

Life is just flowing water. Knowledge is changing from moment to moment, people are also changing their thinking. Whatever you are doing, your vision should be broad, says Sri Krishna. First, think and understand well, then do any action or behaviour. Get into the habit of seeing from a distance and thinking from a distance. Integral thinking means keeping revolutionary ideas and not going for any restrictions. Experiment according to the situation, take risks, change your role and be ready to become a charioteer.

Nishkama Karma

Sri Krishna says that it is in our hands to do the work, but what is the result is not in our hands. Don’t expect 100% results if you don’t do 100% karma. One who thinks that I have to give 100% effort can get the desired result. There is no fruitless action. Not acting out of concern for results is inaction.

Engaging with Religion

No matter how many difficulties come in life, one should not leave religion. Because living unrighteousness may give you immediate benefits but you will have to pay for it at any stage of life. Because Lord Krishna says in the Gita – O Arjuna, there are devas and demons who see you in the sky. But see for yourself and understand. Be pious before yourself. If you protect religion, religion will protect you.

Motivate yourself too

Lord Krishna continues to inspire all the people around him by adopting a positive attitude and getting inspired by it himself. He explains to people like a friend, imparts knowledge and scolds people when needed by being a brother or a father. There are many such instances where he describes and scolds Arjuna, Draupadi and Duryodhana. But he never let anyone’s morale fall. He dealt equally with his enemies.

Mental control

It is also important to understand when and where to say what and where not to say it. This is called speech control. Also learn to control doubt, doubt, mistrust, frustration, anger, greed, fear and dilemma. Mental health is essential for effective management. In the Gita, Sri Krishna has always advised avoiding all such evils. Be united in thought, word and deed. True to his word, victory never leaves him. He succeeds in everything he does.


Lord Sri Krishna was powerful in every way but he never displayed his power. He respected his teachers, parents and elder brothers by touching the feet of men older than him. He who respects parents and Guru will be praised. Therefore, one should always be ahead in respect and prestige of elders.

Recognize yourself in times of crisis

The crisis is the best time to prove that you are capable and good. Whether the crisis befalls you, a friend, or your organization, you must face it with determination. Running away in times of crisis is like abandoning religion.

Master Strategy

If the Pandavas did not have Lord Krishna’s master technique, it would have been difficult for the Pandavas to win the war. Therefore, before doing any work, it is necessary to make a comprehensive plan for it. It is also important to keep updating the plans. Without plans, not only work but also life is not successful.

If the intention is right, the path can be anything

It is said that it is not easy to get by the direct route. Dharma says that if the goal is right in such a situation, even a crooked path can be adopted. Especially when the scale of iniquity is heavy before you, in such a situation, adopt the path of diplomacy.


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