Life lessons that can be learnt from Sri Krishna

Life lessons that can be learnt from Sri Krishna

Most of you have read the ’Mahabharata’ and are aware of the importance of Krishna’s role in it. Through the ’Bhagavad Gita’, everyone is aware of the conversation that took place between Sri Krishna and Arjuna in Kurukshetra. These conversations of Madhava and Partha are not confined only to war, and Geeta’s essence applies to every step of our lives.

Here are some lessons that can be learnt from Sri Krishna and can be practised in our lives.

Live the moment:

Mukunda, as the Supreme being, was aware of the past and the future, but he took life the way as it came, he lived in the present.

It is a little tough for us to practice this as we tend to think ahead or the past. But,  very useful if practised in our lives.

Selfless love:

Sri Krishna loved all; his family, friends and devotees with unselfish love. Krishna’s life was filled with love and affection, even for the enemies, sometimes.

We, like Krishna, can win hearts with such unselfish and pure love.

Help others when in need:

Sri Krishna has on many occasions adopted the principle of ‘Paropakaram idham Shariram’. It may have been a poisonous Kalinga massacre, a Govardhanagiri incident, a journey from Mathura to Dwarka, Draupadi being defended after the dice game or helping Pandavas overcome the odds to defeat Kauravas, Krishna was always helping them without any expectations.

Similarly, we too can do our best to help the needy though we cannot match Krishna in this.

Stay grounded and humble no matter what:

Sri Krishna, the Supreme Lord, displayed the utmost respect and humility among the elders. This is why everyone loved Krishna.

If we too are humble and show humility, there is no doubt that you will gain respect from all.

Commitment to Friendship:

Sri Krishna, however great he was, did not forget his childhood friend Sudhama. The Lord himself greeted and gave the same respectas he would give a king. Madhusudana treated all his friends with respect and helped them overcome sufferings.

Krishna celebrated friendship not differentiating the rich and the poor. This quality of the lord is exemplary.

Life lessons that can be learnt from Sri Krishna

Be calm and composed in any situation:

Krishna has been through many difficulties since childhood, and despite many hardships, he has managed to find a solution calmly and overcame them.

If we too stay calm and cool, we can find the solution to all our hardships.

Do not give up on a refreshing hobby:

One of the favourite hobbies of Krishna was playing the flute. Whatever the circumstance of life, Krishna did not give up playing the flute. It was also with him during the Kurukshetra War.

A good hobby is a great gift to stay focussed. A hobby certainly helps one to relax and think 

Being aware of the situation and being realistic:

In the Kurukshetra War, the Kauravas had a vast army and they had the best of the warriors of that time, the Pandavas victory looked difficult. Yet, Krishna’s role in defeating the Kaurava army with his strategy was unique. He reacted to Kauravas’ cunning and responded to every opponent’s tactical battle agreement violation realistically.

We too must act in a timely fashion and apply strategy wherever necessary.

Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha:

Though difficult, Sri Krishna always stood up for the dharma, meaning the right. During the Kurukshetra war, he defended the dharma of the Pandavas.

If we always do good without relinquishing dharma, we too will get good returns.

Always Keep Smiling:

Krishna always kept a smiling face from childhood and equally embraced both the sad and happy moments.

Your happiness starts from you and ends from you, keep a smiling face and even the most difficult tasks could be dealt with ease.

The life of Vasudeva who exemplified the perfection of his human birth, in this paradigm is exemplary for all of us. May we too walk in the path of Krishna as humanly as possible.


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