Lord Ganesha Birth Story, read what is written in the Puranas

Every story of the birth of Lord Ganesha is very interesting, read what is written in the Puranas

Lord Ganesha Birth Story: The description of the incarnation of Lord Ganesha, his pastimes and his captivating forms are found in the Puranas and scriptures. He has had many incarnations from Kalpbhed.

Lord Ganesha Birth Story: According to Hindu beliefs, it is necessary to worship Lord Ganesha before performing any auspicious work. On Wednesday, Lord Ganesha is worshiped with complete law. Lord Ganesha takes delight in the devotees and defeats their sorrows and fulfills all their wishes. Lord Ganesha himself is the giver of Riddhi-siddhi and the provider of auspicious benefits. He removes the obstacles, constricts, diseases and impoverishment of the devotees. According to scriptures, the day of special worship of Shri Ganesh ji is Wednesday.

It is said that on Wednesday, worshiping Ganesh ji and taking some remedies, the problems are overcome. The description of the incarnation of Lord Ganesha, his pastimes and his captivating forms are found in the Puranas and scriptures. He has had many incarnations from Kalpbhed. Let’s know how the story of Ganpati Bappa’s birth is according to his Puranas.

According to Padma Purana

Once Goddess Parvati created an attractive work with the body of her body, whose face was like an elephant. Then he put that figure in the Ganges. That figure became a giant as soon as it fell in Gangaji. Parvati addressed him as ‘son’. The Dev community honored him by calling him Gangyeya and Brahma Ji gave him the title of Ganesha and named him.

According to the Linga Purana

the gods once worshiped Lord Shiva and asked him to present a disturbance in the evil acts of the rebellious demons. Shiva satisfied the gods by saying ‘Aastastu’ and thus Lord Ganesha was born.

According to Ganesh Chalisa

Once, Goddess Parvati did great penance to have an excellent son. When the Yajna was completed, Shri Ganesh took the form of a Brahmin and reached him. Mother Parvati welcomed them as a guest. Shri Ganesh pleased and gave a boon that by doing mata, the penance you have done for the son, you will get a son with special intelligence without being pregnant. He will be a calculator, a mine of virtues. Having said that, they became impatient and took the form of a child in the cradle. The happiness of Mother Parvati was not lost. Flowers began to rain from the sky. The grand festival began to be celebrated. Goddesses from all four directions started reaching to see the remarkable Parvati Nandan. Shanidev also arrive, but due to his demerit, he started to avoid going in front of the child. Mother Parvati asked if Shani Dev did not like her celebration and son’s attainment.

With hesitance, Shani Dev reached to see the beautiful child. But what, the child’s head flew into the sky at the sight of Shani Dev. Mother Parvati started mourning. There was an outcry in Kailash. Everywhere there was a discussion that Shani has destroyed Parvati’s son. Immediately Lord Vishnu ordered Garuda Dev to cut off the head of whichever creature appeared first. He got the elephant first on the way. Garuda Dev brought an elephant’s head. Placed him on top of the boy’s torso. Lord Shankar sprinkled Pran Mantra on him. All the gods together named him Ganesha and gave him the boon of being the first priest. Thus, Shri Ganesh was born.

According to the Varaha Purana

Lord Shiva was constructing Ganesha with great devotion from the five elements. Due to this, Ganesha was becoming very beautiful and unique. Fear of becoming the center of attraction caused panic among all the gods. Sensing this fear, Shivji enlarged the belly of the child Ganesha and turned the head into a gauze.

According to Shiv Purana

Goddess Parvati made an effigy from her boot and put her life in it. She made Ganesha sit as a gatekeeper and went to take a bath, ordering not to let anyone in. Incidentally during this time Lord Shiva came there. They wanted to go in, but the boy Ganesh stopped them. Angered Shiva explained to the child Ganesh, but he did not listen to one. Enraged Shiva cut off Ganesh’s head with a trident.

When Parvati came to know that Shiva had beheaded Ganesha, she was enraged. To overcome Parvati’s displeasure, Shiva put an elephant’s head on Ganesha’s torso and gave him life. From then on, Shiva made him the first worshiper and the deity of the Gana, giving him all the strength and powers.


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