Shri Krishna: As a child, Lord Krishna had shown the path of Yamalok to the Eight Demons.

Shri Krishna As a child, Lord Krishna had shown the path of Yamalok to the Eight Demons.
Shri Krishna As a child, Lord Krishna had shown the path of Yamalok to the Eight Demons.

Krishna Leela: Lord Krishna started his leela when he was younger. In the form of Baal, God killed not one, not two, but eight Asuras.

Krishna Aur Kans: When Devaki and Vasudev got married, there was an All India Radio. This Akashvani had said that the eighth child born from Devaki’s womb will kill Kansa. As soon as this information was known, Kans imprisoned both of them in the detention house of Mathura. In this confinement, Kamsa killed seven children of Devaki and Vasudeva in turn, but when Sri Krishna was born as the eighth child, Vasudev brought Krishna to Yashoda’s house with the lord of Maya.

But this matter could not be hidden for long. Kansa came to know that the eighth child of Devaki has been born and is in Gokul. After this Kansa sent many demons to kill Krishna, but Krishna killed all these demons in the form of Kanha.

This is how slaying of effigy was first killed by
Lord Krishna. Putana wanted to kill Sri Krishna by giving him poison through breastfeeding. The effigy reached Kanha in the form of a beautiful woman to poison Krishna. Finding the opportunity, Putana picked up Krishna playing in the cradle and started breastfeeding. Shri Krishna killed the effigy as soon as he was breastfeeding.

Gates of death on trinity

On hearing the news of the death of Putana, Kans went mad with anger and sent a demon named Trinavart to take revenge. It was a powerful demon who took the form of a tornado and also uprooted big trees. It turned into a tornado and blew Krishna with him. After this, Shri Krishna took a lot of weight, which could not even handle the clock. When the tornado calmed down, Krishna strangled and killed Trinavart.

The slaughter of Vatsasura was now thirsty for Krishna’s blood. He sent Vatsasura after the effigy and Trinavart. Vatsasura, taking the form of a calf, joined with Krishna’s cows. Krishna was grazing the cows at that time. Krishna recognized the monster as the calf and twisted his tail and slammed a tree. Due to which he died there itself.

Slaughter of Bakasura

Kansa sent Bakasura to kill Krishna after Vatsasura. Bakasura took the form of a heron and reached to kill Shri Krishna. The heron swallowed Krishna and shortly after, Krishna ripped the heron and killed it.

Aghasura was slaughtered
Aghasur was the younger brother of Putna and Bakasura. Aghasura took the form of a giant dragon to kill Krishna. In this form, Aghasura opened his mouth and became like a cave on the way. At that time Shri Krishna and all the children were playing there. Seeing a big cave, all the boys entered it. On getting the chance, Aghasur kept his mouth shut. When everyone saw a crisis on their lives, they started praying to Shri Krishna to save everyone. Then Krishna started growing his body fast. Due to this, Aghasura started having trouble in breathing and killed him.

Kanha, who freed Yamalarjuna from a curse, was very mischievous in childhood. Many times, Mother Yashoda used to get upset with Shri Krishna’s mischief. Once they became more upset, they tied Krishna with a Mortar. When mother Yashoda became busy with other works of the house, Krishna started pulling the oak. There were also two big trees in the courtyard, Krishna stuck the two trees between them and pulled them vigorously. After doing this, both the trees were uprooted along with the root. As soon as the trees were uprooted, two of them appeared, known as Yamala-Arjuna. Both of these Yakshas were born Nalakuvara and Manigriva, sons of Kubera. Both of them once insulted Devarshi Narada. For this reason, Devarshi cursed them to become trees. During the Bal Leela during which Sri Krishna uprooted trees and liberated both these Yakshas.

Krishna’s departure and re-incarnation


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