Mantra for more self-love: Repeat these 5 sentences to feel better

Mantra for more self-love: Repeat these 5 sentences to feel better

Do you already use mantras for more self-love? Find out here when this makes sense and which mantras you can use.

Probably the most well-known mantra in the world is “Om” which comes from Hinduism. In the western world, however, “modern” mantras have long been established, which are also called affirmations. In this article, I will explain to you why mantras or affirmations can help to gain more self-love. I also present five sentences that you should integrate into your everyday language use if you want to learn to love yourself.

Everything about “Mantras for more self-love”

What is a mantra?

A mantra is a sacred word or verse. It is repeated until it manifests itself. You can speak, whisper, sing, think or write it down – and sometimes even eat it afterward.

Mantras are an integral part of Buddhism, Hinduism, yoga, and meditation practice. They serve to protect thought from harmful ideas. This is how the meaning of the word comes about. The Sanskrit word mantram comes from manas, meaning spirit, and tram, meaning to protect.

A mantra is therefore an instrument to protect the mind. In Hinduism, a mantra is said to release additional spiritual energies. In meditation, it should help to dive deeper into your mind.

Mantra for more self-love: what are affirmations?

In the western world, the practice of affirmations has become established, especially in the course of meditation, which is becoming increasingly popular. These are not sacred and religious verses, but phrases that positively evaluate situations or actions. Nevertheless, affirmations are comparable to a mantra, since they are said like prayer during meditation and harmonized with breathing.

With an affirmation, you don’t hum “Om” to yourself, but say a sentence that makes you think positively. If you repeat this sentence over and over again, it imprints itself in our subconscious and, in the best case, leads to convictions. These convictions should ultimately become actions and our living conditions should change.

An example: If we fall into the thinking that we cannot or do not deserve something, we will sometimes not even try. A mantra that strengthens our self-love would then be: “I can do this. I deserve this.”

You always incorporate these sentences into your meditation practice, say them to yourself in the morning in front of the mirror before you leave the house, hang up small pieces of paper with the lines in your apartment or shout them out into the world while jogging in nature. All of this should help the hopeful thoughts to manifest, we gain more self-love and ultimately go through life strengthened.

Do mantras bring more self-love? That’s what matters

The idea of ​​a mantra or affirmations makes sense. Instead of poisoning the mind with negative thoughts, keep filling it with positivity. However, the thought also seems somewhat esoteric and spiritual. No wonder, after all, it is used in numerous spiritual practices here.

And here we come to the all-important question: Do mantras do anything for self-love? At this point, it must be clearly emphasized that mantras and affirmations do not help everyone. Sometimes they even harm some people when it comes to self-love! At least that’s what a study by the University of Waterloo and New Brunswick found.

The results of this study show that people with low self-esteem in particular do not benefit from a mantra, but sometimes even harm themselves. And that is when they question the affirmation after it has been said.

Subjects who said to themselves in front of the mirror that they were lovable and then doubted this statement even lost self-love . People who already have a healthy self-esteem, on the other hand, benefited.

The abstract of the study concludes: Repeating positive self-reports can certainly be beneficial for people, but it can also backfire on the very people who need it. Mantras for more self-love should therefore be treated with caution.

You should know these 5 mantras for more self-love

Far from this study, however, numerous self-help gurus swear by mantras for more self-love. I need to emphasize at this point that you should not hope for any serious changes in your life from just one sentence. Anyone who is also stuck in constant carousels of thoughts and self-doubt is well advised to start therapy. A mantra alone will not do much here.

However, if you feel comfortable with the method and are only striving to achieve a little more self-love, mantras can help immensely. But you should make sure that you don’t constantly question the sentences, but accept them completely for yourself.

It is all the more important to find a mantra that suits you 100%. For example, when I meditate, I like to say to myself, “I am enough, I do enough, and I have enough” to free myself from my self-doubt. Just because these phrases work for me doesn’t mean they have to work for you. Therefore, I have collected five more mantras or affirmations for you as inspiration:

I am good enough
I trust myself
I am strong.
I accept myself as I am.
I love myself more every day.

Choose a mantra that suits you. Choose a mantra that makes you feel powerful as you say or think it. Choose a mantra that you are willing to believe in. This is how you take a step towards a life full of self-love.


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