Narada Muni Shocked over March of Kali

Narada Muni Shocked over March of Kali

Narada Muni Shocked over March of Kali

Sloka 36: Evam pashyan.. After witnessing the march of Kali all over the earth, I landed at the banks of Yamuna where Lord Krishna lived.

Sloka 37-40: Tatrascharya..Hey Munis, I saw a very strange incident there. I saw a young lady sitting there, her heart filled with sorrow. I saw two old men lying by her side. There was just a faint breath in them. The lady was trying to revive them and was sad and stressed that she could do very little. Thinking who is there to protect her, she looks in all directions. Not seeing anyone, she faints and other women fan her and try to revive her. Anxious to know what was happening, I went to the spot. As soon as she saw me, she desperately told me:

Sloka 41: Balouvacha.. Hey Sage, please stay for some time here and destroy my sorrow. By just seeing you, people get rid of their sins.

Sloka 42: Bahudha..All types of sorrows can be destroyed by your preaching. It is only the lucky who can get your darshan.

Interpretation: Narada Muni himself is shocked at the march of Kali, a period when evil takes supremacy over good.  


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