Nishkalank Mahadev Temple, Koliyak, Gujarat


Nishkalank Mahadev’s temple – A Shiva Temple Middle Of Arabian Sea Koliyak, Bhavnagar.

Nishkalank Mahadev temple is located in koliyak village at Bhavnagar District of Gujarat. The temple is full of wonders and awe. This temple is buried inside the sea. On a heavy tide day, all that can be seen are the flag and a pillar. It is beyond ones comprehension that there is a Lord Shiva Temple just under the fierce sea. The temple has 5 distinct swayumbu Shiva lingams inside. In every Friday all visitors can visit Nishkalank Mahadev Mandir.You can visit this temple only two times in 24 hours.

It’s truly unforgettable moment in your life if you see the morning arti in this temple. After seeing arti you find very holiness in your mind. You can see arti two times here, morning arti at 7:00am and evening at 6:30pm.


Actually Lord Shiva here is well-known as Nishkalan Mahadev. There an idol of Lord Shiva was situated in an island, over the sea about 2 km to the east part of Koliyak village. There is a lake which is called as Pandavas pond. Be careful about the wave here. The wave is very active during Purnima and Amavas.

You will have to wait for the wave to get back. If you are wish to lord Siva pooja then you need ash, milk, curds and whole coconut. The mandir fair is started with raising a flag by the relative of Maharaja in Bhavnagar city.


The following temple story dates back to Mahabaratha era. Pandavas killed all the Kuravas and won the battle. Pandavas were grief stricken knowing they acquired sins for killing their own relatives. In order to find redemption for their sins, Pandavas met Lord Krishna. To remove the sins, Krishna hands over a black Flag and a Black COW. He asks the Pandavas to follow it, when both Cow and flag turns white, they all will be pardoned. Krishna also advises them to do penance to lord Shiva, after that. The angst stricken brothers followed the cow wherever it went and carried the flag. They walked for days, to different places and the color did not change. Finally, when they arrived at the Koliyak Beach, both cow and the flag color turned to white. Pandavas were exalted. And all the 5 brothers sat for deep penance, meditated on lord Shiva.

nishkalank-mahadev-temple1-gujarat-atmanirvanaLord Shiva impressed by the brothers showed up in lingam form to each brother. As they meditated, each lingam appeared in front of each brother. In total there were 5 (Swayumbu) lingams that showed up on their own. Pandavas were delighted to see this and they worshiped all the five lingams with great devotion. Lord Shiva here is known as Nishkalan Mahadev. ‘Nishkalank’ has many meaning they are clean, pure, guiltless, to cleanse, to purify, etc. It is said that Pandavas established Nishkalank or Nakalank Mahadev on a Amavasai of the Indian calendar month of Bhadarva. The famous fair popularly known as ‘Bhadarvi’ is held on the no moon night in month of Sharvan (August), as per the Indian calendar. An idol of Lord Shiva was established in an island, over the sea about 3 km to the east of Koliyak. Each lingam has a Nandhi facing it. The lingams are spread across a square Platform. There is a pond called Pandavas pond and devotees’ first wash their hands and legs and only then they visit the Lord Shivas shrines.


Nishkalank Mahadev Temple is one of the rarest of rare temples. The sea everyday withdraws, paving way for the devotees to offer their prayers. This temple is located in the middle of the sea, and devotees’ young and old alike walk all the way to reach this temple. The water just around the temple pave the way, and this is a rare sight. And after 7 pm, the temple is again covered under the fierce tide.


Devotees’ throng this temple during Amavasai (no moon day), it is to be noted here that the tides are very active during full moon day and no moon day, yet devotees patiently wait for the tides to retrieve. There is strong belief that when loved ones are cremated their ashes are immersed in these waters and by doing so, one attains salvation or moksha. Besides ash, milk, curds and whole coconut are offered to the lord here. The temple festival is initiated by hoisting the flag by the clans of Maharajas of Bhavnagar. This flag is on for 364 days and is changed only during the next temple festival. And for the records, the flag has never fallen down or washed away by the tides. It stands undisturbed by the ferocious tides and has seen the deadliest earth quake that killed more than 50,000 people in 2001.

This is a wonder beauty. The devotees worship not many temples that are buried under the sea. However, this temple stands as an exception.

A Few Facts about the Nishkalank Mahadev Temple

 Nishkalank Mahadev-Temple-Gujarat -atmanirvana.
Devotees Worship

Architecture of the temple:- The temple is just about 2000 ft long and 500 ft height.
Dharamshala:- Yes
Bhojanshala:- No
Gaushala:- No
Nearest Hospital-: No
Best time to visit: – March to July
Temple Timing: – The Early morning Arati 6:45 am and Evening arati 7:10 pm
Other Attraction Near temple: – The Tourist Attraction here namely, Khodiyar Mata Rajpara is near Bhavnagar city, Gopnath Mahadev temple is near Talaja taluka, Uncha Kotda Chamunda Mata is nearMahuva city and Bagdana Bapa Bajrangdasji Maharaj Temple

How to Reach Nishkalank Mahadev Temple:-

By Air:the Ahmedabad city distance is 196 km.
By Rail:The Bhavnagar city Railway station is 22 km.
By Road:Well-known bus stops are situated at koliyak village and Bhavnagar city.

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