No dreams and goals in life

What is your favourite day? If Friday or the weekend, then I have bad news for you. If you love to relax and think only about it, then what kind of dream are you talking about? You don't have goals and dreams if you don't pursue them all the time.

What is your favourite day? If Friday or the weekend, then I have bad news for you. If you love to relax and think only about it, then what kind of dream are you talking about? You don’t have goals and dreams if you don’t pursue them all the time.

Many people complain that they do not have a goal, or that their dreams are too unrealistic and unattainable. This happens to many when all desires are more like looking for a sofa to sit on.

At times like these, you feel stuck and desperate. You feel guilty because life is clearly not going the way you wanted or dreamed.

Laziness is the only dream of 95% of people

95% of people have a goal, but it has little to do with achieving something. Most people have a goal not to do something and not achieve, as it seems at first. The bulk of people has the goal of relaxing, dodging business, relaxing and somehow relaxing. All this results in the fact that people are always waiting for a break in business, lunch, weekday evenings, weekends, vacations, vacations, and pensions.

Almost all people love Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but no one likes Monday. What does it say? We all have desires that are associated with relaxation. And this means that there is no dream and purpose in life. We seem to be very lazy. Even at work, we are looking for a way to do nothing, dodge the gaze of the boss, be lazy, surf the Internet, watch videos or chat on social networks.

We always rejoice on Friday evening when 5 out of 7 days of our lives are over. A significant part of our life is unpleasant for us, and therefore we are content with two days off, and endure the rest of the time. It is like a trap when we live someone else’s life, which does not suit us at all.

Hateful Monday

The easiest way to find out about a person’s affairs is to ask his opinion about Monday. Few of us like Mondays. Sometimes we even hate it. But this is not a bad Monday, I have an unloved job that you don’t like. These are the things you don’t want to do.

But there are people who love Mondays. They are only 5%, maybe even less. But it is these people who have real goals because they do not have to hide behind rest and laziness from unloved things.

When your goal is not equal to rest, then you are not looking for a loophole to relax. You are looking for an opportunity to do something. In your free time, you don’t sit on TikTok, you don’t hang out on YouTube and you don’t stick around on social networks. You are working on some task, reading something useful, looking for the right information, communicating with the right person, looking for ways, or trying to do something.

It is difficult to have real goals and dreams because you need to constantly go towards them. Sometimes you need to do this during breaks at work, in transport or in the evenings. But how much did you do there? Series, social networks, games and recreation have always won, not your goals or dreams.

Following a dream

No dreams or goals in life? Yes, you have everything, you are just afraid to admit it to yourself, and therefore you prefer to forget yourself in everyday life or alcohol. You know what you want, but you gave up a long time ago and forgot how to win.

When they tell you to do something at work, you do it. But as soon as you decide to do something yourself, sabotage begins with laziness, fear, and indecision. You don’t open a YouTube channel, you don’t sign up for IT courses, you don’t learn a language, you don’t try to do something. Even if you try, you only last a short time.

You can assume that you have no dreams and goals in life until you start to pursue them. How do change everything? Decide that you have a dream, but first listen to yourself. What do you want the most? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? What are your dreams and what are not?

  • Clarify your priorities and dreams.
  • Assess current resources and opportunities.
  • Set desired goals.
  • Take the first and subsequent steps.

When you clearly visualize your dreams, goals and motivation will appear too. Additionally, you need action. When you start doing something necessary, interesting and important for yourself, everything will appear. As you begin to act, motivation and a further plan will appear.

It’s time to start dreaming, acting and living, not vegetating. When you do not know what to do, then think about what interests you right now. What could be your passion and interest?