Pitru Paksha 2022: Ancestors meet you in these 3 forms..!

Pitru Paksha 2022: Women can also donate..! But, don't make this mistake.

Do you know in what form ancestors can come to your house in Pitru Paksha..? These should never be sent away empty-handed or disrespected when they arrive at your doorstep.

Pitru Paksha will start on September 11. Rituals, tarpana and charity with the remembrance of ancestors are of special importance on this occasion. Pithru Loka is considered to be above the moon. It is believed that the ancestors come to earth during Shraddha Paksha. According to scriptures, ancestral spirits are said to be associated with certain objects in nature. In Pitru Paksha, from humans to birds, ancestors can come to your doorstep in many forms. Sometimes we don’t recognize them. Do you know in what form ancestors can come to your house in Pitru Paksha..? These should never be sent empty-handed or disrespected when they arrive at your doorstep. This will make the ancestors angry with you and make you face many problems.

In what forms do the ancestors come in Pitru Paksha.?

1. Crow:
Never drive away a crow that has come home during the Pitru Paksha. In this case, feed the crows. If you don’t, you may cause the parents to resent you. According to religious beliefs, for 15 days during Shraddha Paksha, the ancestors take food through crows. This not only makes them satisfied but also blesses their families with a happy life.

2. Beggars or Orphans:
During Pitru Paksha, if any guest, poor or helpless comes to the door, never disrespect them. Ancestors can come in any form, so it is said to arrange food for them and send them off with respect. Never send them back empty-handed, don’t forget to give them some charity.

3. Dog-Cow:
Dogs are considered messengers of Yama. In Pitru Paksha, Panchabali Bhoga also takes the name Dog Bhoga and Cow. It is considered very auspicious for a cow and a dog to come to the doorstep during Shraddha Paksha. If you see them on the road, give them something to eat without hitting or running them. This gives peace to the soul of the ancestors. On the other hand, ancestors are greatly pleased by serving the cow in Pitru Paksha.

Our ancestors do not come to meet the family in their true form in Pitru Paksha. Instead, it is said in the scriptures that they come in the form of certain animals and in the above 3 forms. So, we in Pithru Party should try to seek his blessings by giving him respect as much as possible without disrespecting him.


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