Recognizing 7 Darkness in the Human Body According to Hindu Teachings

Recognizing 7 Darkness in the Human Body According to Hindu Teachings

You have to be able to control it!

Every individual has good and bad sides that influence his actions to his mindset. In Hinduism, there are seven kinds of darkness that exist in the human body. These seven darknesses are called Sapta Timira, derived from the words Sapta which means seven, and Timira which means dark or gloomy.

These seven darknesses have an unfavorable impact on themselves and others, so they must be controlled.

The following are seven darknesses in the human body according to Hindu teachings.


Surupa has the meaning of good looks or beauty. Good looks and beauty are gifts that have come from Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa since birth. Everyone may feel proud of his good looks or beauty, but it should not be excessive.

If it’s too much, it will make him drunken himself, feel the most handsome, the most beautiful, so that he has the potential to reproach other people who are not as handsome or as beautiful as himself. In addition, it will bring out the arrogance in yourself.


Dhana has the meaning of wealth or property. Everyone should get wealth according to religious teachings and use it according to religious orders.

But often people who have excess wealth can become arrogant, forgetful, and do not respect other people whose economic level is far below theirs.

If you have excess wealth, it should be used for good things, such as helping others who are in trouble.


Guna has the meaning of intelligence. Everyone tries to be smart by studying. This intelligence is useful in life, for example, to find work, help others, and so on.

However, this intelligence is also often used to do bad deeds to others, such as cheating, slandering, and playing against each other, and others. In addition, people who have intelligence can become arrogant and arrogant, so they often look down on others.

It is better if you have high intelligence, you must have good faith and morals. If not, then it is the same as rice without its contents.


Kulina has the meaning of descent or lineage or caste. Often people who feel that they have the descendants of a noble or king act unkindly to others such as arrogant, arrogant, arbitrarily, and others.

They should have good behavior so that they can be an example for other residents. His aristocratic descendants can be used to help citizens who need help.


Yowana has a meaning of youth. Youth is indeed filled with enthusiasm for life, and full of creative ideas. This period is suitable for gaining knowledge for a better future.

But this youth is also full of challenges. easily swayed, has emotional outbursts, and has no direction in life. This is very vulnerable to making teenagers do things that are not good, such as drinking, joining motorcycle gangs, fighting, and so on.


Sura means liquor. if drunk in excess will have an unfavorable impact. A person who is drunk from drinking liquor has the potential to harm others and himself.

This darkness makes a person forget himself or lose consciousness. Liquor is also not good for health because it will damage human organs.


The Kasuran has the meaning of courage. This courage is needed so that you don’t always feel afraid.

However, excessive courage is actually not good, such as threatening, oppressing, harassing others, and so on. This excessive courage and is used to do bad things to others is called Kasuran.

Every human being has seven darkness as above. So it is necessary to have strong self-control so as not to be influenced by darkness itself. If you can control yourself, of course, you will get harmony within yourself and the environment around you.


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