Shiva Purana says that those who commit these 9 mistakes are sinners..! Did you too..?

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In our religious scriptures, good, bad, sinful and virtuous deeds related to man’s work and conduct are detailed. Shiva Purana also says that some of the things done by man are equal to sin. According to Shiva Purana, what act of a woman or man is equivalent to sin..?

Shiva Purana mentions many ways for the salvation of human beings. It also mentions certain actions that unknowingly make a person a part of sin. So a man should take special care of what he is doing or about to do. According to Shiva Purana, certain things we do can anger Shiva. One who does these things will never be freed from sins. And after death, that person is said to go to hell.

According to Shiva Purana, do not keep these in your mind

A person with such qualities always incurs the wrath of Lord Shiva and can never lead a happy life. You cannot hide from God what is in your mind. Therefore, even if you do not harm others by your words and behaviour, even if you have an evil thought in your mind to harm someone or you think of harming someone, it also falls under the category of sin.

the relationship between a man and a woman

Casting an evil eye on another’s husband or wife or wanting to make them one’s own is also considered a sin in Shiva Purana. Doing so, even thinking about it, is a sinful act. Therefore, having a good feeling of mind is the greatest religion.

Disrespect to parents and teachers

You should never insult your guru, parents, wife or ancestors. In the Shiva Purana, one who does this is also said to be a partner in sin. Keeping your manners well, you should talk to everyone with full respect. One who respects gurus and elders gets a good position in society.

Shiva can never forgive such people

In Shiv Purana it is said that drinking alcohol, keeping an evil eye on Guru’s wife, and withdrawing donated material or money is a great sin. Lord Shiva never forgives a person who commits such a sin. Therefore, such actions should be avoided.

Greed for other people’s wealth

We should always think about using our hard-earned money. Even the desire to appropriate another’s wealth is an unforgivable offense and sin in the eyes of Shiva. Acquiring the wealth of others and desiring to acquire it leads a man to hell.

Stealing in a temple

Wrongfully robbing the property of others, stealing things from a Brahmin’s house or temple or robbing it wrongfully is also considered a sin. Doing these mistakes, even having such thoughts in your mind is wrong.

Shiva does not grant salvation from such sins

In the eyes of Lord Shiva, hurting an innocent and sinful person, harming them or planning to loot or create obstacles is an unforgivable sin in Lord Shiva’s eyes.

Hurting with words is also a sin

Even if you do not harm others by your actions, your words can also make you worthy of unforgivable sins. That is, do not use words that insult anyone and do not speak in such a way as to cause them mental distress.

Don’t say such words to pregnant women

Speaking bitter words to a woman or hurting her heart with your words is an unforgivable offense and sin in the eyes of Shiva during menstruation, during pregnancy or during a woman’s pregnancy. Pregnant women’s heart is very weak. In such a situation, one should not speak in a way that hurts their heart. It can also adversely affect her unborn child. At such times, misbehaving with a woman becomes part of a double sin.


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