The 36 words of Bhishma Pitamaha are sure to lead you to success.! What are they..?

Bhishma is a great sage in Mahabharata. Every one of his words is a beacon for our lives today. Father Bhishma before leaving his body gave Yudhishthira 36 tips to lead a successful life. What are they? Bhishma's tips for a successful life.

Bhishma is a great sage in Mahabharata. Every one of his words is a beacon for our lives today. Father Bhishma before leaving his body gave Yudhishthira 36 tips to lead a successful life. What are they? Bhishma’s tips for a successful life.

The story of Mahabharata is incomplete without their father Bhishma. When it comes to describing the warriors of the Mahabharata, Bhishma Pitamaha’s name is taken with great respect. Father Bhishma supported the Kaurava army and was the first Dandanayaka. He was arrested during the war. He maintained martial principles till his last breath. But Bhishma’s father’s affection was also towards the Pandavas.

Bhishma said these things to Yudhishthira:
According to the legend, before leaving the body, Bhishma Pitamaha told Yudhishthira 36 very important things. Everyone should know them. Whoever follows these things will get success in every field of life. What are those 36 principles given by Bhishma..?

Bhishma’s 36 principles:

1. Be proud, but avoid self-praise and self-indulgence.
2. Avoid excessive contact with women.
3. Do not hold grudges against anyone. Always respect and protect women.
4. It is futile to feel soft towards those who act against the rules.
5. The king should increase the treasury without cruel, unnecessary taxes.
6. Dignity should not be sacrificed in search of happiness.
7. There should be no sense of modesty in speech or address.
8. Your behaviour with others should be pure and honest. There should be humility in it. There should be no level of hardness.
9. A king should never associate with evildoers.
10. Never fight with your best brothers.
11. Never take an important job from an unpatriotic person.
12. The best service is the service that does not hurt anyone.
13. A king should be careful about his plans, and avoid revealing them to the wicked.
14. One should not exaggerate one’s own qualities.

15. Saints and sages should be respected.
16. A king should always observe religion. Do not follow the path of unrighteousness.
17. One should treat others with love and remain a believer.
18. Be careful in charity, charity should never be accepted by the unworthy.
19. A king should stay away from greedy people. Don’t help them with money.
20. Misbehaving should not be trusted.

21. A king should always be chaste and he should not hate anyone.
22. Never give shelter to people with bad behaviour and corrupt mentality.
23. A king should be careful in punishing. No one should be punished without being tested.
24. A king should not share secret matters or plans with anyone.
25. Scholars, wise men, and wise men should be respected without any ego.
26. Guru should always be respected. Guru’s service should also be done.

27. God should be worshipped selflessly. Only then will merit be obtained.
28. Money should be obtained from those works in which there is no loss.
29. Before attacking someone, one should keep a thorough investigation and information about him. Don’t attack without knowing anything about him.
30. Efficiency is the virtue of a king. But the opportunities should be looked after properly.
31. Do not speak softly if you want to control someone.
32. If a king shows kindness to someone, do not find fault with him.
33. A king should serve his elders with full devotion and love.
34. Do not grieve after killing enemies.

35. Temper should be controlled, and sudden anger should be avoided.
36. Take proper care of the food. Although the food we eat is beautiful to look at and tastes good, we should not take food that is harmful to health.

We can become successful people by adopting these 36 principles. Bhishma’s words help guide us to success.


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